Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bella's First First Day of Summer

We celebrated the first day of summer by taking Bella for another round of shots.  The boys were off gallivanting, and the girls decided to come with me.  So afterwards I decided to stop and got our first snow cones of the season.

The snow cone lady gave Bella a ball of unflavored snow.  :)  But she must not know pugs.  No worries, I do.  So Bella got some licks of Emmy's spills and she finished up my cup.  We had to do something special as it was her very first first day of summer.  Haha.

 Mango flavor, yum!


Awwww, she is so beautiful indeed!

Girls' Summer Book Club!

 Lucy, Lila, Emmy, Holly, and Jillian.  Such good, fun girls!

While visiting in Littleton, I was talking with my sweet SIL and she told me how she and her girls did a book club over the summer.  One girl/mom would host it at their home and plan a lunch, decorations, activities, etc.  She said her girls loved it.

I loved the idea and got a couple other friends to join with us.  Emmy and I hosted the first book club and we had chosen The Great Gilly Hopkins to read.

It turned out to be a lovely book club!  Emmy had planned a menu (with my help) and it included Bubble Gum (Gilly was always chewing gum), Mrs. Trotter's Rolls with Honey (Mrs. Trotter called everyone "honey"), Gilly's Goulash (just cheese and crackers & vienna sausages - no significance, just something we came up with), W.E.'s Apple Juice (since he wet himself once . . .) and Mr. Randolph's cherry pie (he loved cherry pie).  Emmy helped make the rolls and pie and put everything else together.

We did some fun activities and the girls all joined in - even in our discussion.  Emmy lead the group and did a fine job.  :)

Fun, fun!  Thanks for the brilliant idea Brittany!
Blowing bubbles (Emmy stepped out of the picture since she didn't have gum)!

Fathers' Day

I sure lucked out in the father-department - a great father myself, married to a great father, and have a great father-in-law.  Win.  Win.  Win.

We had a good fathers' day - complete with cards, gifts (including the awesome BYU shirt Ben is wearing in the above picture), a walk in the woods, his choice of dinner an dessert, etc.

I will post the answers to the questionnaire that we did on both Fathers' Day and Mothers' Day:
(mother's answers first, then father's - with Miles' responses first and then down the line . . )

1.  Describe your mother/father:
What do you mean?  She's nice to us, she's short, she looks like her day.
Uh, he's nice.  He has a scratchy beard.

She's nice, she's fun, she's small and short.
He's very nice and adventurous.

Beautiful, kind, sweet, loving, wife, frustrated.
Amazing, funny, brave, strong, good looking, has a beard.

My mother is short, really nice, she likes to run with Brigham, she encourages people, and she's funny.
He's nice and he does nice stuff for us and he's a really good dad.

2.  What makes your mother/father happy?
When we don't fight.
When his kids are good and when he gets to do things he likes to do.

When we get along and clean our room.
When I do my chores and don't fight.

A new puppy!
Nice kids.

Good children that are nice.
When the kids are nice to each other.

3.  What does your mother/father like to do?
Run with Brigham
Stuff the people did a long time ago.  Like Lewis and Clark stuff.

Um.  He likes to watch movies about old people who died.

Go on walks, hike, camp, backpack, swim, kiss you (Ben).
Hike, bike, camp, canoe, fish, spend time with family, go to church.

She likes to hmmm probably likes to run with Brigham.
fishing, hiking, and outside stuff.

4.  What have you done lately to make your mom/dad happy?
Hmmm.  I got her a mothers' day gift. . . one that I sewed at school.
I got in the car on time to go to church.

Went to Utah to get a pet dog.
Um.  Let's see.  I did the dishes and I paid attention in church (unlike half the boys).

Tried to obey her more.
Come home (from Utah) to give him company.

I gave her mother's day gifts and I cleaned the house on Saturday.
I gave him fathers' day presents.

5.  If you could get your mother/father anything, what would you get?
I don't know . . . give her nice kids.
Uhh.  I don't know.  Probably like some fun hiking reenactment adventure.

I would get her the most awesome dress (I am not sure that is what Ben wrote . . I'll have to double-check that one) in the world.
Hmm.  Let's see.  Ehhh.  Hmmm.  A curling board in our backyard.

I would have gotten her a pug but she already got one.
Whole family everlasting life.

Earrings and a nice child, yeah, me!
A ticket to a movie he likes and . . . maybe buy a movie he likes

6.  What do you like to do with mom/dad?
I guess talk
Go camping.

Camp and canoe.

I like to watch movies with her, hike, camp, swim, go to church, cook.
Jump on the tramp, hike, bike, swim, camp.

I like to go to restaurants, bananas fun park, and Macs (playplace)
Go hiking, to to restaurants, and fishing and camping.

What is something mom/dad does that you like?
Make food.
He let's us do stuff you (mom) don't.

She walked us to school when we were younger.

Does stuff that we want to do.

I like that she gets clothes for us and gets presents for us on our birthdays.
Makes funny jokes and makes us laugh.

8.  What do you think your mom/dad wants to become when you grow up?
A successful person.  She doesn't want me to do drugs or bad things.

Definitely not an airplane person . . .maybe an engineer.
Definitely not a fighter pilot or hobo.  Maybe a doctor like him (when I reminded him that Ben is not a doctor . . .) Oh, a nurse.

A good person.
A good person.

She wants me to become a missionary and a good person and she probably wants me to become a wife.
A good mom and a missionary.

9.  Besides Montrose, where do you think your mom/dad would like to live?
Somewhere in Utah.
In the woods.  Oh, Maryland.  (After questioning if he really meant Maryland . . .) Oh, no, Maine.  Can you erase Maryland and put Maine?


Ooh, that's hard, oh, Sandy, UT.

Oh geez, probably like to live in Hawaii, b/c she wears sandals a lot.
Probably Washington D.c. or Maryland - but it's hot and sweaty there.

10.  Why do you love your mom/dad?
B/c that's how it's always been.
B/c he loves me.

'Cause she's nice and fun!
B/c he's always nice to us.

B/c she raised me, she's the first face I saw . . . I think.
Cuz he's the first man I ever saw.

I love her b/c she is kind and funny and she likes doing fun stuff with us and she likes walking dogs with us and she probably likes pugs.
He's the best dad and if I had to choose a dad, I'd choose him!

11.  What is something that mom/dad often says to you?

Can't you be nicer to your siblings?
Do your chores.

If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.
You're one of the three most beautiful things I've ever seen.

When I say, "I love you," she says, "I know.  I love you, too."  She often says, "Go clean the house."
I love you and Hello Goils.

A trip to Provo/Midway

I tried to get the boys in to BYU's Chemistry and BioChem camps last year, but neither one made it.  So I tried again this year and both boys got in - yipee.  Jonas was in the Chem Camp and it was for 2 days (9-4) and Miles was in the BioChem Camp and it went for 3 days.  Both boys thought it was awesome and had a really great time.

Of course we stayed at my parents' home.  We got there on Monday night and then my parents had tickets for two shows in St. George and so they headed out on Wednesday morning.  So at least we got to hang out for a little bit!

As soon as we got to Midway, my dad took the kids out on his machine.  They all loved it.  Monday evening we took the Heber Creeper train ride and it was nice and relaxing.  We all enjoyed it!

The next few days I was busy driving the boys down to camp, coming back up Provo canyon, taking the girls swimming, picking the boys up, going back up Provo canyon, and taking all the kids swimming again.  That was pretty much what we did.  :)  On the last day of each of the boys' camp, they had a "presentation" and "show."  Each group of kids presented something they studied and experimented on and then the professors put on some fun "magical" chemistry show.  It was awesome.  Oh, and they served ice cream made with liquid nitrogen to freeze it.

We spent time at the BYU bookstore - where I bought Ben some awesome fathers' day gifts . . . And on our way out on Friday, we watched a theater production of Anne of Green Gables at BYU.

It was awesome - except for the fact that Ben wasn't with us.

 Lucy, Jonas, and Emmy on the train ride.

Cruising (sort of, but not really) on the Heber Creeper.

 Chem camp came complete with goggles and lab coats.

 So cool!

 Oh yes, we love the Y.

Jonas doing what his generation does - taking a selfie.

  Since my parents were still around on Tuesday, I picked up the boys and then we went to the Provo City temple and did baptisms.  We each found a slightly random family name and got to do those, plus a few more.

It was really great to go to the temple with my two boys!

 The girls eating their liquid nitrogen ice cream in a BYU classroom waiting for the presentations to begin.

  Jonas with his group taking his turn in presenting.  Nate was his counselor and Jonas LOVED him!  He thought he was so cool.

 This professor was a classic science professor - nerdy in the oh-so-cool way!  She put on a great show for all of us!

 Miles doing his presentation the next day.

 Jonas' big group.  I took a picture of a slideshow picture.  :)

 Miles and his small group.

 Miles busy working in the lab.

 Miles' large group.

Jonas' small group.

 BYU had some art fair going on and so the girls got to paint some houses . . .

 and make some cute dolls.

And then it was on to the show!  We all loved it!

Farewell Utah!  I don't care what anybody says, Utah is a beautiful and great state!  Driving up Provo canyon daily was a good reminder of that.

Oh, one more thing.  Here are some videos Jonas took during Miles' "magic show"

Ouch, but still handsome

Saturday, June 09, 2018

The Mary Fern and Taviwach pond

Csilla started playing at Taviwach pond before it became legal - because she's cool like that.  Not that I'm saying it's cool to be illegal, but Csilla just knows a good thing when she sees one and Taviwach pond is that.  It finally became ok'd by the city to use it with non-motorized water crafts (so things like paddle boards, kayaks, etc.).  So we finally joined Csilla (after years of not) at Taviwach and the kids had a great time.  "Swimming" isn't allowed, but our kids mostly waded in the water and jumped from one water-craft to another.  Mostly.

We girls dropped the boys off at W. Main trailhead for them to canoe the river - and get out near the pond.  It took them 30 minutes . . . and when they got back Ben was supposed to take another group down the river.  But the river was too scary and Ben wasn't going again!  Scary because of tight turns and lots and lots of trees and debris in the way - Ben almost got an eye gouged out from a stick.  So we just stayed at the pond and the kids had a blast.  A refreshing way to spend our hot Friday afternoon.

 Taking the Mary Fern out to the Uncompahgre river.

 Ready to go!

A video:

 Lucy having fun.

 Miles coming back on the paddle board (he started out in the canoe).

Kyle (Levi is hidden behind Kyle) and Jonas.

An Outing to Ridgway

There is this lovely path that we like to bike on to Ridgway's city park.  So Csilla, Heather, and I got our cars packed with bikes (a total of 11 bikes!) and headed towards the parking area.  We had a lovely ride to Ridgway and then the kids played at the park, ate lunch, etc.  We hit the little bike jump area on the way to and from . . . but as we were heading out the kids went ahead.  By the time I got there, Jonas was walking out of the jumps area and I could tell something was up.  Apparently, he had a BIG crash!  His bike was totally bent - but I was able to bend it back in place.  He was scraped up all along his right side - head, face, forearm, flank, and leg.  I'm glad I didn't see it - I heard it was quite scary to watch.  I probably would have cried.  Emmy almost cried when I talked to her about it.  Jonas was pretty shaken up - probably a little in shock, too.  He complained of dizziness and a headache (of course).  But after a bit, I had him get back on his bike, and thankfully he was okay.  Hurting, but okay.  Golly.

We let the kids explore the water a bit and that was a lovely finish to the day!

 I didn't take any pictures until the water . . . Jonas liked rubbing mud on his body.


The awesome gang of awesome kids:  Jonas, Lucy, Lila, Clara, Holly, Emmy, Lexi, Levi, Miles, and Kyle.  Such fun kids.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Lewis & Clark

Ben had a kick-off for the scout camp he and Brother Boyd are planning.  As it's a Lewis & Clark theme, many of the elements of the activity revolved around that.  The boys met at our home and then took a bunch of canoes to a local pond.  They had a BLAST canoeing around there.  I guess they lashed two canoes together and that was a lot of fun for them.  They came back to our home for dinner:  hot dogs, chips, watermelon, Tampico - a typical summer camping dinner.  :)  They even made donuts on the skillet over the fire - which was perfect, I guess, as it was National Donut Day.  Some of the boys worked on sewing satchel bags for their camp adventure.  They ended the evening outside watching a National Geographic video of Lewis & Clark.  Although our boys plus one more were the only scouts from the ward, we had several extra friends/neighbors who came along and had a great time, too!

 A sort of random picture of Miles and Bella.  Because it's cute and it was taken that Friday.  :)

 The kids enjoyed the tramp - we're lucky no broken bones occurred!

 Bella was loved by all the boys!  They couldn't get enough of her.  :)

 Waiting for their donuts to cook.

Watching the show.

A cool night!

Summer = Lemonade Stand

After Littleton, and then being blind the following week, we didn't do much that first week.   I did take the kids to the pool one day and I did let the girls do a lemonade stand.  (Since the boys are making money mowing lawns, I didn't want them to participate and take away money from the girls . . . they were fine with that!)  But that was about the extent of our activities the first week of summer.

The girls loved doing it and made a little over $40 dollars total.  People are so kind to stop - and a lot of them even leave "tips."  So cute.

Brigham Turns 3!

On June 5th Brigham celebrated his 3rd birthday.  Bella made sure to pester him extra that day.  :)  He enjoyed an early-morning run with me, getting a few gifts, and eating pupcakes that evening.  Brigham is one of the greatest dogs ever!  We sure do love him - including Bella!

 Aw, she's precious.  She totally loved the b-day hat . . . not.

 "Happy birthday to you . . ."

 The pups both LOVED the pupcakes - made with banana, peanut butter, whole wheat flour, etc.  (The girls liked them as well . . . ha.)

Brigham, One of The Best of Dogs.