Saturday, April 29, 2006

having fun with the Gs

grandma and grandpa maxwell came over on friday - as well as great-grandma gwenn. along with a lot of working going on (like roto-tilling the entire backyard!), we've had fun, too. miles has enjoyed wrestling with grandpa and wearing the CrAzY glasses made by grandma. how fun!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Shaving and Shampooing with Yogurt

so this whole little episode began when ben thought it would be fun to give jonas some of our dinner: yogurt (we were eating pancakes with yogurt and strawberries on top). well as ben was putting a dab of yogurt on his finger and putting it in to jonas' mouth, ben got a little yogurt on jonas' cheek. well that got miles' thinking it would be pretty cool to have some yogurt on HIS cheek. and if some yogurt, why not A LOT of yogurt? he then started talking about shaving - and so to help him out with his first shaving experience, i supplied him with a plastic knife. well that was pretty fun, but not fun enough, i guess. because next miles started to put the yogurt all
in his hair - now that was fun! Although let's hope this, ummm, never happens in a restaurant. . .

Saturday, April 22, 2006

gone fishin'

today there was a fishing derby at a local lake and so we decided to go. when we got there miles was given his vey own fishing pole to keep - awesome! he was real excited about fishing - and kept saying, "come here fish." of course, there are some "bored" times while fishing, too - as you can see from the picture!

and, yes, it was me who did catch the fish - an 11 inch rainbow trout that ben just finished eating. it was my 2nd ever fish caught. fun, fun! of course we told miles that he caught the fish. he was SO excited when we reeled it in and kept touching the squirmy, slimy thing. it was a lot of fun.

Friday, April 21, 2006

it's a fit

so my sister is really great and makes some really wonderful things for my kids. for jonas she made some awesome buntings - the only problem was that they were HUGE. when we first put jonas in one of the buntings, he got lost inside it. but it didn't take away how cute they are. anyways we've been having cold nites - below freezing - and so i thought we should give the buntings another try - and 4 months later it is definitely a better fit! we just tried, for the first time last nite, putting jonas to sleep without being swaddled - he loves to be swaddled, but if a finger even gets out, it wakes him up. plus summer is coming and so we didn't think we'd be swaddling him up in big blankets. and he did just fine. but his "fine" is waking up a couple of times a nite - which has been his habit for the last couple of weeks. :( i know it's not bad, but when i was spoiled and was able to get 5 hours of consecutive sleep, and now am back to 2-3 hours, it is quite a bummer.

jonas is on the verge of getting teeth - he's been on the verge, though, for like 2 months! so his hands are ALWAYS in his mouth - this time he was lucky enough to get 2 of them in his tiny mouth. good for him.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the land of nod

well we have had fun with our 2 gifts that arrived from the land of nod. the land of nod had a sale on its chairs - they were like 70% off. so we got the chair - a special chair for miles to drink his milk on and read books. he was really excited about it! there is even a little pocket in the back of the chair for putting books in. so that it fun.

but what is REALLY fun was the 2nd gift that came: the box.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Give me a (random) break. . .

I just decided I needed to take a break and do something "fun" on the computer. I guess I should call what I am doing on the computer fun - but I'm not. Although I am enjoying it - just on a different level than "fun." I'm preparing my lesson for RS. I was called as a teacher - and I'm partnered up with someone and so usually I'll just be teaching every other month. But I guess my partner has been having severe back problems and so I get to teach this Sunday and maybe the next couple of 4th Sundays. So now I get to give a talk in sacrament meeting AND give a lesson in RS - how sad for the women of the church who have to hear me twice. Just kidding - kind of. So that's what's happening with me.

I took Jonas to his 4-month check-up yesterday and he's doing great. 50/50/50 - 50th in height, weight, and head circumference. Who would have thought I'd have an average kid???? Of course he is like 99.9th in good looks and cuteness. Jonas did amazingly well with his shots yesterday at the doc's - screamed out for like 15 seconds and then he was done. The desk secretary couldn't believe this happy boy had just received shots. He's definitely not feeling all that great, though - he's been a little fussier and tired since coming home yesterday. But that's to be expected I think. I would be quite ticked off for a coulple of days, too, if I was just sitting there all pretty like on a table and then - out of nowhere and with no warning that I could understand - I was shot at 3 times! Sheeesh, the rough lives these babies have!

Miles was real cute this morning. As I was getting his milk ready (we always have a glass of milk - pink milk that is - and a book first thing in the morning) he said he wanted the "book of mornin." AKA: the Book of Mormon. We have the kid-version thing and have read it a few evenings before bed - including on Monday nite for FHE. Anyways, I thought it was so cute.

So some random, cool things about our house if you've never been here (which is like most of you). 1. We have these really great LOW windows so that Miles can stand on the floor and look out of them - we can see when dad comes home, the blooming flowers, the silly birds, funny-looking dogs, etc. It's great! and 2. Airplanes literally fly right over our house - and we are really close to the airport (the town is so small that everyone is close to the airport!) and so the planes are really low and it's just awesome!

Anyways, since I am lucky enough to have two boys nap during the same time, I should spend my time preparing for my church stuff and not dawdling on the computer. But I soooo love dawdling on the computer. Oh well. . .

P. S. You can tell I've been typing a talk and not just emailing because I am actually using capital letters. WOW.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

grill mate

well i've only shown my beautiful two boys so i thought i better also show my handsome man. here he is, grilling on our new grill (house-warming gift) for the first time this year. yummmmmy, my favorite: shish-ka-bobs (recipe thanks to my sis erin). ben and i loved it; miles took a bite of the yellow squash and promptly spit it out. but at least he ate the chicken (he had to dip it in ranch, though!). anyways, the easter bunny came today and we had fun looking for the eggs and the basket - miles was delighted with it all. we weren't so delighted with the after-eating-easter-candy effects. not so pleasant. he was just unruly really. he just wanted to "bang" (hit) jonas whenever he could. silly boy. but now we know that he doesn't need to eat jelly beans before 7am again!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Post (bath) and Pre (easter) Shows

well after spending a day digging in the dirt (sometimes with his shovel, but mostly with his hands), holding rolly-pollies and caterpillars, and pushing a cart around home depot all by himself ("mommy, no hands" - telling me to not even think about helping him!), it was definitely bath time for miles. and, of course, we couldn't leave jonas out of all the fun.

then today miles and i spent the morning getting ready for the easter bunny and dyeing eggs. i was really bummed to have realized that i didn't get the stinky vinegar dye stuff - i mean, what is easter without your house smelling like vinegar? what is the world coming to? so we had this stuff where you had to just paint it on - more like smear it on - the egg. we had a good time doing it - but i think miles had a better time eating the eggs!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


so the cool new thing to do at our house, if you are miles, is chew GUM. it's like all the kid wants to do - "gum, gum, gum." he LOVES it! he even wants it more than he wants to eat treats (like chocolate - hmmm, is he really my kid???). he loves red gum, green gum, yellow gum, any kind of gum. he has some serious gum addiction.as for jonas, he becomes more fun each day. he is such a giggler and i absolutely love it! he is so fun to have around. he's just about 4 months and i can't believe how big he is! and he is such a GOOD baby - he naps great, hardly fusses, and is just a joy to play with. life with these two boys is REALLY good.

Monday, April 10, 2006

oh blessed day

well yesterday was a very lovely day - we finally blessed our sweet little jonas. it was a wonderful blessing and jonas was very lucky to have his dad, 2 grandpas, and 1 great-grandpa in the blessing circle - with his 2 grandmas and 2 great-grandmas listening. jonas wore the same outfit that miles wore on his blessing day about 2 years ago. of course miles had to try on the hat. looks like i grew my kids in an amish patch.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

girls just wanna have fuuuUn

so 2 of the 3 boys were out doing manly stuff at the hardware store and i was unpacking a few more boxes and came upon this totally cute dress i bought in guatemala about 5 years ago. . . and i just couldn't resist! (don't worry jonas, i won't put this in your scrapbook!) 2 things happened when i put this dress on: 1. jonas just wanted to eat it, and 2. ben wasn't really all that pleased.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


well we've moved into our home and have already been busy painting. i wanted to paint the rooms since the entire house was painted the exact same color and style - too boring for my fine tastes. haha. so here are the pictures of the office and of miles' room - they aren't the best and it is hard to tell the true colors. i couldn't take a full shot since the floors are still covered with boxes, etc. but it's been fun!

don't know what i am doing

well kristen told me i should be a fellow blogger like her, so i'm giving it a try. but i really don't know what i am doing. but since i do everything that kristen does, i thought i really should do this too! we'll see what happens. . .