Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Give me a (random) break. . .

I just decided I needed to take a break and do something "fun" on the computer. I guess I should call what I am doing on the computer fun - but I'm not. Although I am enjoying it - just on a different level than "fun." I'm preparing my lesson for RS. I was called as a teacher - and I'm partnered up with someone and so usually I'll just be teaching every other month. But I guess my partner has been having severe back problems and so I get to teach this Sunday and maybe the next couple of 4th Sundays. So now I get to give a talk in sacrament meeting AND give a lesson in RS - how sad for the women of the church who have to hear me twice. Just kidding - kind of. So that's what's happening with me.

I took Jonas to his 4-month check-up yesterday and he's doing great. 50/50/50 - 50th in height, weight, and head circumference. Who would have thought I'd have an average kid???? Of course he is like 99.9th in good looks and cuteness. Jonas did amazingly well with his shots yesterday at the doc's - screamed out for like 15 seconds and then he was done. The desk secretary couldn't believe this happy boy had just received shots. He's definitely not feeling all that great, though - he's been a little fussier and tired since coming home yesterday. But that's to be expected I think. I would be quite ticked off for a coulple of days, too, if I was just sitting there all pretty like on a table and then - out of nowhere and with no warning that I could understand - I was shot at 3 times! Sheeesh, the rough lives these babies have!

Miles was real cute this morning. As I was getting his milk ready (we always have a glass of milk - pink milk that is - and a book first thing in the morning) he said he wanted the "book of mornin." AKA: the Book of Mormon. We have the kid-version thing and have read it a few evenings before bed - including on Monday nite for FHE. Anyways, I thought it was so cute.

So some random, cool things about our house if you've never been here (which is like most of you). 1. We have these really great LOW windows so that Miles can stand on the floor and look out of them - we can see when dad comes home, the blooming flowers, the silly birds, funny-looking dogs, etc. It's great! and 2. Airplanes literally fly right over our house - and we are really close to the airport (the town is so small that everyone is close to the airport!) and so the planes are really low and it's just awesome!

Anyways, since I am lucky enough to have two boys nap during the same time, I should spend my time preparing for my church stuff and not dawdling on the computer. But I soooo love dawdling on the computer. Oh well. . .

P. S. You can tell I've been typing a talk and not just emailing because I am actually using capital letters. WOW.

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Kristen said...

Man, I do feel bad for the women of your church. I mean....I've heard you talk before....many times. Over and over again. Geez. Just kidding. You know I love ya! I wish I could be there and hear your wonderful voice! :)