Saturday, April 22, 2006

gone fishin'

today there was a fishing derby at a local lake and so we decided to go. when we got there miles was given his vey own fishing pole to keep - awesome! he was real excited about fishing - and kept saying, "come here fish." of course, there are some "bored" times while fishing, too - as you can see from the picture!

and, yes, it was me who did catch the fish - an 11 inch rainbow trout that ben just finished eating. it was my 2nd ever fish caught. fun, fun! of course we told miles that he caught the fish. he was SO excited when we reeled it in and kept touching the squirmy, slimy thing. it was a lot of fun.

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Kristen said...

Miles is the bomb! However, my favorite picture is definitely of you fishing. Congrats on catching a fish. You must be really good. And by the way.....why did you take your picture off when you comment? When I'd get a comment...I'd see your smiling face! Come on Emily......