Wednesday, April 12, 2006


so the cool new thing to do at our house, if you are miles, is chew GUM. it's like all the kid wants to do - "gum, gum, gum." he LOVES it! he even wants it more than he wants to eat treats (like chocolate - hmmm, is he really my kid???). he loves red gum, green gum, yellow gum, any kind of gum. he has some serious gum addiction.as for jonas, he becomes more fun each day. he is such a giggler and i absolutely love it! he is so fun to have around. he's just about 4 months and i can't believe how big he is! and he is such a GOOD baby - he naps great, hardly fusses, and is just a joy to play with. life with these two boys is REALLY good.


Diana said...

I have your site on my "favorites list" so even if I don't reply, know that I am looking and enjoying your additions. I can hardly wait for Gr. Dee to come over so I can show her these darling pictures! Thanks for doing this.

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, Tyler loves gum too! That is so funny. I love little Miles. He is so dang cute.