Friday, April 21, 2006

it's a fit

so my sister is really great and makes some really wonderful things for my kids. for jonas she made some awesome buntings - the only problem was that they were HUGE. when we first put jonas in one of the buntings, he got lost inside it. but it didn't take away how cute they are. anyways we've been having cold nites - below freezing - and so i thought we should give the buntings another try - and 4 months later it is definitely a better fit! we just tried, for the first time last nite, putting jonas to sleep without being swaddled - he loves to be swaddled, but if a finger even gets out, it wakes him up. plus summer is coming and so we didn't think we'd be swaddling him up in big blankets. and he did just fine. but his "fine" is waking up a couple of times a nite - which has been his habit for the last couple of weeks. :( i know it's not bad, but when i was spoiled and was able to get 5 hours of consecutive sleep, and now am back to 2-3 hours, it is quite a bummer.

jonas is on the verge of getting teeth - he's been on the verge, though, for like 2 months! so his hands are ALWAYS in his mouth - this time he was lucky enough to get 2 of them in his tiny mouth. good for him.

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erin malia said...

in my defense, the bunting was created from a pattern and i follwed the pattern for "NEWBORNS." it's not as if i was hopeful that emily and ben would produce a large baby, or anything crazy like that. we all know how "to the letter" i am when i'm following directions (if not, try to imagine me following a recipe). i guess i'm just glad that they moved somewhere cold rather than, say, texas.