Friday, April 14, 2006

Post (bath) and Pre (easter) Shows

well after spending a day digging in the dirt (sometimes with his shovel, but mostly with his hands), holding rolly-pollies and caterpillars, and pushing a cart around home depot all by himself ("mommy, no hands" - telling me to not even think about helping him!), it was definitely bath time for miles. and, of course, we couldn't leave jonas out of all the fun.

then today miles and i spent the morning getting ready for the easter bunny and dyeing eggs. i was really bummed to have realized that i didn't get the stinky vinegar dye stuff - i mean, what is easter without your house smelling like vinegar? what is the world coming to? so we had this stuff where you had to just paint it on - more like smear it on - the egg. we had a good time doing it - but i think miles had a better time eating the eggs!

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