Tuesday, May 30, 2006

St. George

So we went to St. George, UT for our Memorial Weekend. Ben and I were excited about it, but not real excited about driving out there with 2 kids. But it actually turned out better than we expected - even our 10-hour drive home went okay (it was longer because Ben wanted to visit some areas he worked at when he was a wee-lad). We've realized that when we go on "vacations" and try to do what WE want to do (i.e., what Ben and I want to do), it doesn't really turn out to be such a fun time - the kids just aren't happy. So we decided to just take it easy, stick to schedules as much as we can, and do kid-type activities - mingled with a few fun outings for the big kids. It worked out much better.

Swimming was a HUGE hit for Miles. It was his very first time in a pool and he absolutely loved it. So cute. I thought the family picture was pretty hilarious - I always have some kind of funny look on my face (yeah, yeah, I hear all the family saying, "you were just born that way."), but Ben never does. So, of course, when he does I just have to put it in the blog! Haha.

We bought floaties for another day and they worked out okay. I guess they were worth the 2 dollars we spent on them - and they we also about 2-dollar-quality. But whatever. The little boy was in a swimming pool and that is all he cared out and all he wants to do for the rest of his life now, I think.

We also went to Snow Canyon and did some hiking on the red rocks and sand. Miles and Jonas enjoyed this too - thus allowing all the adults to have a good time! It's a really neat area and the weather in St. George was really nice - 70s for the most part.

I have to thank my parents for making the trip possible - they bought a house in St. George about a year ago. It's a beautiful home and they were the perfect hosts, cooks, travel-guides, visiting-companions, and babysitters. Yes, they even babysat for us while there - how wonderful. My dad even watched both boys (!) while Ben and I took a Memorial Day run - it was a bit scary for me, but it turned out great - good job Dad! My mom was home but still sleeping (If you ask Miles what Grandma Dixie's nickname is you will get the reply, "Sleepy head." But I do have to add for my mom's sake that it applies only on vacations and trips. She gets up at 5:45am during the week. Okay, I think I'll still be invited to visit St. George now.) My parents also babysat on Saturday evening and so Ben and I went and played tennis. After blowing a 3-3 tie, I lost: 6 games to 3. Oh well. We had a great time! Ben realized a very good strategy on how to win very easily - grunting each time he hits the ball. He grunts, I try to chase after the tennis ball while laughing, he gets the point. A very simple strategy, but highly effective! Ben told me that I am a very good player, but that he is quite bad. I asked how that could be, seeing that HE had won 6-3. Hmmm, he just sat there stupified for a few moments until I answered it for him: I play good for a GIRL and he plays bad for a BOY. Hmmmm, who would have thought my husband is sexist! Just kidding, Ben. Anyways, it looks like we've met our quota for 1 date a year - I can't wait until next year. . .

The rest are just a bunch of random pictures taken of our trip.

As long as Jonas can roll over to something that he can chew on, he is perfectly content. Forget the toy in the background, his chewing-choice for the moment was the yummy kitchen chair.

So I took this picture to show what SHARP teeth Miles has - just check out those 2 fangs! Gosh. Is this normal for toddlers?

As I already mentioned our drive home was rather long. Here is Jonas getting his diaper changed and taking things into his own hands - literally! I think he wanted to get a move on it!

About 15 minutes before this photo was taken Miles barfed all over the car, his car seat, his toy car, his clothes, etc., etc.! So, ummmm, we were all pretty glad to get out into the fresh mountain air! Miles just LOVES being outside and exploring everything. And I love that he loves it. Let the camping adventures begin. . .

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not to be Outdone

Well I think Jonas helped get the potty-training started for Miles. Jonas decided he was a big boy and didn't want to go to the bathroom in his diaper, so he didn't (mind you, he did NOT go in the toilet - haha! but the floor is close, right?). Well that got Miles thinking about going to the bathroom out of his diaper - luckily he decided against the floor and opted for the toilet. So he's gone like 1/2 a dozen times since yesterday in his little toilet. It's very exciting and messy. We told him a while ago that when he goes to the bathroom in the toilet we'll get him a little toy (bribery shribery). So we went to the toy store and looked at all sorts of cool things: trains, bikes, big trucks, balls, caterpillars that moved, etc. When it came time to decide what toy to get, this is the one he wanted. A VW bug. I don't get it. But whatever. So I just took him to the bathroom and as soon as he was done he said, "store." Nope.

And here is Jonas. I think all of his pictures are just about the same - but he's not into riding bikes or fishing quite yet. He's getting close. He's getting more and more mobile - he can roll from one side of the room to the other. I think our sloping house helps him out quite a bit - once he starts rolling, he just can't stop! The Law of Gravity at work. I also wanted to show-off his hair, but it is a little hard to see how fluffly it is - and that it just stands straight up. I love it! At the grocery store yesterday a cashier came up and said, "Oh look at that hair. He must be having a bad hair day." Ummm, "No, that's just his hair." I mean, come on. One of babies great appeals is their funny styles of hairs: bald spots, mullets, spikey fuzz, etc. Babies wouldn't be quite so cute if they had a perfectly sculpted hair-do, right!?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

the train picnic

On Friday we went to Cimarron - an old town that no longer exists (it's just about 30 min. away). We went to see the old Rio Grand Trains. Miles was very excited. Apparently Jonas was pretty excited, too, because he just kept giggling and laughing on the way there (the way home was another story). We had fun walking around the trains and going up and down and up and down the corral ramps. We were pretending to be sheep. Then we had a picnic - Jonas' first picnic. He loved staring up at the trees above him - it was pretty cute. And Miles of course loved to throw sticks and rocks and just explore - oh yes, he also liked to do the macarena (well he wasn't really doing that, but it sure looks like it!). Miles is always asking: "What that is?" (in that order). A lot of times I just can't answer him - like what is that I'm sitting on in the photo? I have no idea. Some crane something or other. Yeah, a "cranesomethingorother."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Wilson

Well the big dog turned 4 years old today - what a party we had! Cake, candles, and presents. And just in case you are wondering, no we did not give Wilson a bite of the cake. He really wasn't that interested. Maybe that was due to the real bone we gave him - or the bone sent from Grandma and Grandpa Maxwell that they found in their yard (one he had buried while staying there). I think he had a good day. After the big celebration we gave Wilson another present - a nice, long WALK. The rest of us enjoyed the chocolate "bone." YUM

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the Adventures of Today

When Jonas went down for his first nap we went out to water the lawn. At first Miles was real content with his dump truck and dirt at the side of the house. But then he noticed that the sprinkler was making PUDDLES. And what little boy can resist puddles - none that I know of. So he just had the time of his life playing in the puddle. The end product was a watered lawn, but an even more-watered boy! He LOVED it.

Later on in the day we were playing with magnets. I showed him how you can pick up other magnets with a magnet. The cool thing was that we have a bird magnet and a birdhouse magnet. So the little bird would "fly" up to the birdhouse - very neat! Miles kept yelling: "BIRDIE, fly up!" It was so darn cute.

But MY fun adventure of the day was going to Salvation Army. At first I wasn't all that super-excited about it. Ben wanted to go to buy an outside "work" shirt (which he found - when we got home we realized it is reversible. cool, 2 for 1 deal!). Anyways, while Ben was looking at shirts and Miles was playing with toys, I wandered past some of the appliances and found a stove. It's very cool - really old (not sure how old????) - but looks like it is in excellent condition. It is way nicer than what is in our house - no more huge dent on the range top. I really love it and Ben gets to pick it up tomorrow! YEA! But the even cooler thing was that it WAS $50 - but was half off! LOVELY. So I am super excited about my $25 stove. Ummmm, let's just hope it works.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The 50 cent tricycle

We went to some garage sales on Saturday hoping to find some garden tools. We didn't find anything for the garden, but we did come across this nifty and cheap tricycle for Miles! It was missing a seat but I told Ben he could just make one for it. So we paid our 2 quarters and then came home and Ben sawed a seat, I sanded and painted it, and then we screwed it on! Fun, fun. Miles really likes talking about it and gets all excited - then he spends about 1 minute on it before he wants off! I guess we won't be seeing him in the Tour De Lawn for a while longer.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hand Me Downs

My big outing of the week was going to the hardware store yesterday to pick up a few things for our curtain rods. While I was out I decided to go and check out the consignment store (Hand Me Downs) a few blocks down. It was a pretty good consignment store for kids - tons of books for really great prices! It also had tons of hats and I guess I was a sucker for them - I bought 5 hats for $5! Amazing. It was fun - and, yes, the duck is wearing a girl's hat - so, yes, once again I have cursed myself and will probably never have my little girl. Oh well, there's always nieces (hint, hint erin, laura, debbie, and brittany! haha).

I had to set up my tripod to take the picture since Ben has to stay late at work for some CPR classes. Anyways, Miles thought the tripod was pretty exciting - especially the screwdriver that came with it. So Miles set to work "fixing it." I didn't know it was broken!

This is a picture of Jonas while he was sitting up - it's not very good because I had to take it and guard him at the same time! About 2 seconds after I took this picture I had to dive down and save Jonas from doing a nose-dive on the floor!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just For. . .

Just for the RUN of it. . .
this past weekend we went up to utah to run the Provo River 10K - it is becoming an annual event for our family (we did it last year as well). we had a great time and just loved it again! we don't know how much longer we'll be taking the kiddos with us, but they did great! miles had fun looking at the river and jonas fell asleep - excellent! it was awesome and we just love being up in that beautiful canyon.
Just for the HAY of it. . .
after the run we went to thanksgiving point's animal farm. it was a fun, fun time for miles. he got to ride the pony twice - you get a free ride for each adult admission. ben and i weren't sure the ponies could hold us up so we reluctantly gave up our rides for the little man. he had a blast!
Just for the FUN of it. . .

and for the ride home - to make it fun for miles - we borrowed the dvd "finding nemo." miles totally loved watching it! he watched, and even listened with the earphones, to about 3/4 of the movie. this is really the only time he ever watches tv/movies and so it is pretty exciting for him. it would have been a "fun" car trip for mom and dad, too, if jonas didn't cry for the last 1/2 of it. oh well, 1 out of 2 kids isn't bad, right?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

the Emily Post

so i just wanted to write and say i had my 15-minutes of fame today. i wrote a letter to the editor of the denver post and it was in the newspaper today! how fun. i wrote in response to an article about warren jeffs (leader of the FLDS church) in which the article named jeffs as a "mormon religious leader and prophet." i thought that was appalling and so i sent in a letter and it got published.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the Chef

so i know i am posting a ton, but i just had to show these pictures. i mentioned yesterday how my boy just loves to play in the kitchen, and he was hard at work today! i know everybody who sees what miles can make will want some of his delicious "oatmeal" and so i will give you the recipe for free: 1 1/2 c. rice krispies, 3/4 c. water, 3 whole wheat saltines - chopped with a plastic fork, 1/3 c. salt. stir and pour, stir and pour - do that about 124 times. then top it with some lettuce. YUM. miles did call this "oatmeal" and did taste it - and, ummmm, his face told it all. that's why i am giving out the recipe for FREE. . .

getting my ABZzzzzzzs

so he did it! jonas slept through the nite - wahooo! i fed him at 10, went to bed around 10:15 - and then didn't wake up until MY alarm went off at 5:45. very cool. we were all happy and all well-rested. it was the most consecutive sleep i have had in over 130 days. wow. and doesn't he just look so happy? maybe it was because 2 nites ago i had this dream and in the dream i was taking a test - the test was writing down dr. seuss' ABC book from memory ("big A, little a, what begins with a? aunt alice's airplane, a, a, a, . . .") i guess i passed or something and was rewarded by the Zizzer Zauzer Zuzz (from the book) and got some extra ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

monkey see, monkey do

so miles really does like to play with kitchen stuff. the other day i was browsing on ebay at all the plastic food toys for miles - but ben that it was "girly" and that miles wouldn't like it. yeah, right. the kid really does love making food (he made 98% of the banana bread last friday) and feeding his bears, etc. whenever we go somewhere that has a play kitchen miles runs over to it and starts playing right away! i don't think it makes him "girly." he just does what he sees his mom do (notice you won't see him EVER cleaning the bathroom - haha!). mind you, he LOVES to play in the dirt, too. he was delighted this past weekend to help grandpa and dad with the "horse poop," i.e. manure/compost. let's just hope he doesn't start cooking and eating his outdoor creations. . .

home sweet home?

after about 3 1/2 months of being apart, our family is all together again - including WILSON. grandma and grandpa maxwell have been babysitting him since january. they've enjoyed him, but we are sure glad to have him back! but i'm not quite sure how wilson feels about the whole thing. he adores ben, of course, but, ummmmm there is this 2-year old (we won't mention any names) who can't leave wilson alone: pulling the tail, yanking on ears, pushing his bum, poking his eyes, etc., etc.! we've had a few time-outs and hopefully the teasing will end soon. one thing that i know wilson does enjoy about this certain 2-year old though: CRUMBS on the floor! that just might make up for all the other unpleasantries. . .