Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the Adventures of Today

When Jonas went down for his first nap we went out to water the lawn. At first Miles was real content with his dump truck and dirt at the side of the house. But then he noticed that the sprinkler was making PUDDLES. And what little boy can resist puddles - none that I know of. So he just had the time of his life playing in the puddle. The end product was a watered lawn, but an even more-watered boy! He LOVED it.

Later on in the day we were playing with magnets. I showed him how you can pick up other magnets with a magnet. The cool thing was that we have a bird magnet and a birdhouse magnet. So the little bird would "fly" up to the birdhouse - very neat! Miles kept yelling: "BIRDIE, fly up!" It was so darn cute.

But MY fun adventure of the day was going to Salvation Army. At first I wasn't all that super-excited about it. Ben wanted to go to buy an outside "work" shirt (which he found - when we got home we realized it is reversible. cool, 2 for 1 deal!). Anyways, while Ben was looking at shirts and Miles was playing with toys, I wandered past some of the appliances and found a stove. It's very cool - really old (not sure how old????) - but looks like it is in excellent condition. It is way nicer than what is in our house - no more huge dent on the range top. I really love it and Ben gets to pick it up tomorrow! YEA! But the even cooler thing was that it WAS $50 - but was half off! LOVELY. So I am super excited about my $25 stove. Ummmm, let's just hope it works.


rebecca said...


I LOVE reading your blog. You are such a great MOM to those boys. They are having a great childhood - free and fun and messy! I hope we'll meet each other's families someday soon. Any chance you'll be in Vegas Memorial Day weekend? :)

Love, Rebecca

Kristen said...

Yo......how do you find such good deals. I mean seriously. 50 cent tricycle. 25 dollar stove. I need to go shopping with you. And by the way, i think our boys would have fun together......

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