Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hand Me Downs

My big outing of the week was going to the hardware store yesterday to pick up a few things for our curtain rods. While I was out I decided to go and check out the consignment store (Hand Me Downs) a few blocks down. It was a pretty good consignment store for kids - tons of books for really great prices! It also had tons of hats and I guess I was a sucker for them - I bought 5 hats for $5! Amazing. It was fun - and, yes, the duck is wearing a girl's hat - so, yes, once again I have cursed myself and will probably never have my little girl. Oh well, there's always nieces (hint, hint erin, laura, debbie, and brittany! haha).

I had to set up my tripod to take the picture since Ben has to stay late at work for some CPR classes. Anyways, Miles thought the tripod was pretty exciting - especially the screwdriver that came with it. So Miles set to work "fixing it." I didn't know it was broken!

This is a picture of Jonas while he was sitting up - it's not very good because I had to take it and guard him at the same time! About 2 seconds after I took this picture I had to dive down and save Jonas from doing a nose-dive on the floor!

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Kristen said...

Holy cow. I think Miles looks just like you!! He is like your twin. I might be replaced. Because remember.....we do everything the same. Anyway, can't tell who Jonas looks like. Give me some time. I love your kids though. I haven't met them, but I know they are cool.