Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not to be Outdone

Well I think Jonas helped get the potty-training started for Miles. Jonas decided he was a big boy and didn't want to go to the bathroom in his diaper, so he didn't (mind you, he did NOT go in the toilet - haha! but the floor is close, right?). Well that got Miles thinking about going to the bathroom out of his diaper - luckily he decided against the floor and opted for the toilet. So he's gone like 1/2 a dozen times since yesterday in his little toilet. It's very exciting and messy. We told him a while ago that when he goes to the bathroom in the toilet we'll get him a little toy (bribery shribery). So we went to the toy store and looked at all sorts of cool things: trains, bikes, big trucks, balls, caterpillars that moved, etc. When it came time to decide what toy to get, this is the one he wanted. A VW bug. I don't get it. But whatever. So I just took him to the bathroom and as soon as he was done he said, "store." Nope.

And here is Jonas. I think all of his pictures are just about the same - but he's not into riding bikes or fishing quite yet. He's getting close. He's getting more and more mobile - he can roll from one side of the room to the other. I think our sloping house helps him out quite a bit - once he starts rolling, he just can't stop! The Law of Gravity at work. I also wanted to show-off his hair, but it is a little hard to see how fluffly it is - and that it just stands straight up. I love it! At the grocery store yesterday a cashier came up and said, "Oh look at that hair. He must be having a bad hair day." Ummm, "No, that's just his hair." I mean, come on. One of babies great appeals is their funny styles of hairs: bald spots, mullets, spikey fuzz, etc. Babies wouldn't be quite so cute if they had a perfectly sculpted hair-do, right!?


rebecca said...

Aaaaaah! Potty training. If there is one thing I wish we mommies could skip through, it's the potty training. Good luck! It sounds like it's going alright so far. Great job Miles! And great coaching Jonas!

maverick said...

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Kristen said...

All I can say is "GO MILES"! I hope he keeps doing it. Tyler did it once...yes once....and hasn't done it since. He is slightly afraid of the potty now. I even used your strategy and tried to put Matt on the potty to influence Tyler. Matt wasn't very cooperative. I guess I need to keep trying. Way to go Matt.