Tuesday, May 30, 2006

St. George

So we went to St. George, UT for our Memorial Weekend. Ben and I were excited about it, but not real excited about driving out there with 2 kids. But it actually turned out better than we expected - even our 10-hour drive home went okay (it was longer because Ben wanted to visit some areas he worked at when he was a wee-lad). We've realized that when we go on "vacations" and try to do what WE want to do (i.e., what Ben and I want to do), it doesn't really turn out to be such a fun time - the kids just aren't happy. So we decided to just take it easy, stick to schedules as much as we can, and do kid-type activities - mingled with a few fun outings for the big kids. It worked out much better.

Swimming was a HUGE hit for Miles. It was his very first time in a pool and he absolutely loved it. So cute. I thought the family picture was pretty hilarious - I always have some kind of funny look on my face (yeah, yeah, I hear all the family saying, "you were just born that way."), but Ben never does. So, of course, when he does I just have to put it in the blog! Haha.

We bought floaties for another day and they worked out okay. I guess they were worth the 2 dollars we spent on them - and they we also about 2-dollar-quality. But whatever. The little boy was in a swimming pool and that is all he cared out and all he wants to do for the rest of his life now, I think.

We also went to Snow Canyon and did some hiking on the red rocks and sand. Miles and Jonas enjoyed this too - thus allowing all the adults to have a good time! It's a really neat area and the weather in St. George was really nice - 70s for the most part.

I have to thank my parents for making the trip possible - they bought a house in St. George about a year ago. It's a beautiful home and they were the perfect hosts, cooks, travel-guides, visiting-companions, and babysitters. Yes, they even babysat for us while there - how wonderful. My dad even watched both boys (!) while Ben and I took a Memorial Day run - it was a bit scary for me, but it turned out great - good job Dad! My mom was home but still sleeping (If you ask Miles what Grandma Dixie's nickname is you will get the reply, "Sleepy head." But I do have to add for my mom's sake that it applies only on vacations and trips. She gets up at 5:45am during the week. Okay, I think I'll still be invited to visit St. George now.) My parents also babysat on Saturday evening and so Ben and I went and played tennis. After blowing a 3-3 tie, I lost: 6 games to 3. Oh well. We had a great time! Ben realized a very good strategy on how to win very easily - grunting each time he hits the ball. He grunts, I try to chase after the tennis ball while laughing, he gets the point. A very simple strategy, but highly effective! Ben told me that I am a very good player, but that he is quite bad. I asked how that could be, seeing that HE had won 6-3. Hmmm, he just sat there stupified for a few moments until I answered it for him: I play good for a GIRL and he plays bad for a BOY. Hmmmm, who would have thought my husband is sexist! Just kidding, Ben. Anyways, it looks like we've met our quota for 1 date a year - I can't wait until next year. . .

The rest are just a bunch of random pictures taken of our trip.

As long as Jonas can roll over to something that he can chew on, he is perfectly content. Forget the toy in the background, his chewing-choice for the moment was the yummy kitchen chair.

So I took this picture to show what SHARP teeth Miles has - just check out those 2 fangs! Gosh. Is this normal for toddlers?

As I already mentioned our drive home was rather long. Here is Jonas getting his diaper changed and taking things into his own hands - literally! I think he wanted to get a move on it!

About 15 minutes before this photo was taken Miles barfed all over the car, his car seat, his toy car, his clothes, etc., etc.! So, ummmm, we were all pretty glad to get out into the fresh mountain air! Miles just LOVES being outside and exploring everything. And I love that he loves it. Let the camping adventures begin. . .

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