Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer Things

So July 4th is usually the epitome of summer-time, I think. A hot day, family time, watermelon, etc. To get us ready we went to the local swimming pool and had a great time yesterday. I actually just hung out with Jonas mainly on the grass - but we had fun in the shade with the cool water-breeze hitting us. It was sooooo nice.

Miles and Ben had a lot of fun, too! The waterslide was especially fun and the wading pool was way nice, too. We almost had a break-down when it was time to go, but I reminded Miles of Rule #2 for when we go somewhere: when it's time to go, no screaming or crying. If we forget the rule, we can't go back a long time. It works pretty well.

This morning was really fun as a bunch of hot air ballons started soaring over our house! It was really awesome - but hard to get a really awesome picture! Miles thought it was fun and even talked about the "fire." Gosh, he's got some good eyes! Wilson wasn't so enthused about the ballons - he was howling up a storm! It was quite funny - luckily it was 8am and not 6am, though. Our neighbors might not have thought it was all that amusing if it was that early. But we're excited for the 4th and our camping trip we'll be taking. Summer is good - but would be so much better if it weren't for the darn heat.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stove, Sherbet, and more. . .

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. But that's not true - it hasn't even been a week! But Ben's parents came by for about 5 days and so that was SUPER nice. Jim and Ben worked Saturday in getting a 220 electrical outlet installed so that we could finally get our $25 stove put in (with all the equipment/materials for the outlet our stove now cost us about $120 - but our home warranty is giving us $175 for the old stove and so we're still coming out on top!). We love the stove! So now I can't blame my cooking on a gas stove/oven - but I can now say, "gosh, i don't remember how to cook on electric." And it's true - you just had to look at my pancakes last nite to see that!

And here are the 2 boys. A lot of the time Miles will say, "No, Jonas don't touch that," No, Jonas not in tent," - no, Jonas this or that. But he's doing pretty good with sharing. He warmed up to the idea of Jonas in the tent - good thing because Jonas totally loved it! He was just kicking his feet and having a grand ol' time.

So Ben's parents took us out to get some yummy treats at the Russel Stover store here. I got some sherbet and thought I would give Jonas a LITTLE taste of mine. Well I gave the kid a little bite and then he just started fussing after that. I thought, "Poor kid, he's sooooo tired" (we'd just taken family pics). But, NOOOOO, he wanted my sherbet! So he got a lot more of it than I bargained for! Any time there was a delay from the spoon to his mouth, he wasn't so happy about it! It was totally cute and funny!

So Miles has been given a bad rap on the past few blogs I've done. So now it is time to tell how good he's been - and he has! I haven't had a screaming fit in like 2 weeks or something - thank goodness! They may not be gone for good, but I don't think it will be a regular occurence with him anymore. He still struggles with sharing (I do too), but has wonderful moments of sharing with Jonas - or he'll take a toy and give Jonas something else to play with. How nice?!

I had to go to lunch today (a gal we VT only meets her VTers for lunch) - with my 2 kids. My companion tried to get a babysitter for our 2 2-year olds, but the YW are all at camp (try understanding this paragraph if you aren't LDS!). So anyway, I got to go and manage Miles while holding/feeding (not nursing) Jonas and trying to eat my YUMMY panini. And you know what, it all worked out just fine! I got a good work-out, but I was so pleased with my boys. They probably looked extra good b/c my comp. had to call her husband at work and have him pick up her 2-year old - this happened after he had knocked over the high chair he was kicking. There was this big table of women across the room who looked at us with startled looks and such when this happened - and so I reassured them that no kids were in it at the time. I don't think that's what startled them - I think they were startled that we dare bring 2-year olds into their peaceful lunch place! Ahhh well, these are the days for us - they already had theirs but have maybe forgotten! But the gal we VT is really nice (I've never met her), and told us that TARGET is coming to town (YES!!! - and she really does know because she's like some electrical engineer for the big electric co. out here and so they know all the businesses and such), and she paid for lunch - all those 3 things combined totally made it worth it. :) Besides the fact that we needed to get our VTing done. Miles even ate about 1/3 of my panini - which is good for him and sad for me. :)

Anyways, last bit of news. I guess I got "fired" from my "old" calling - RS teacher. I was teaching every other month - I had only done it twice. But I guess that was enough to reach perfection status on my teaching skills - HAHA. Just kidding. But, ummm, now I am the . . . Mia Maids Advisor! AIYIYI. No, not the sweet beehives, not the maturing Laurels, the Junior-High Mia Maids. I'll survive, right? Actually, I think it should be okay. I don't know who any of them are and so it will be interesting. And, yes, I am sure they are ALL taller than me. Who isn't?

So anyways, that's the latest. We all really, really enjoyed having Jim and Diana here. It is so nice to be close to family - we love it.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

going, going, going, GOT IT

Well Jonas is really picking up on the whole "I-want-to-be-mobile-like-my-brother-phase." Just in the last week he's really started the crawling process. He's so, so, so close to actually crawling - it's amazing. I really thought I had a couple of months before he'd really start crawling - and now I realize it will be a whole new ballgame with two mobile boys! It's really fun, though - I can put things really quite out of reach, but with a combination of his semi-crawling and rolling he can get to everything! He's all over the rooms! Wow. I've realized with Miles that once these little boys start moving - there's no stopping them!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So here is the dog - with, ummmmm, a little paint on his right hind side. Ben and I really don't know where he got it - I mean, obviously he got it from our painting the other nite, but we don't see any black hairy spots on our wall????? It's pretty funny. He seems pretty self-conscious about it. He doesn't want the other dogs to see him - he just stays inside as much as possible (oh wait, that's all he's ever done!).

Pretty funny. But the painting is all done - yea! It was a lot of work. Next time I'd like to hire someone to do all the prep-work - the taping, wiping, etc. I like the painting, but so much time is spent doing all the other blah prep stuff. Whatever. We are really pleased with the color. It looks a lot better - and the picture makes it look even better (you can't see all my runs, etc. I got better as the painting went on). We've got a few more small things to do: put up some hardware (handles) and something over the hole in the drawer below the sink. Then we'll tackle the floor. We're just not sure what to do - stay with some cheap vinyl tile, or actually put in some nicer tile flooring. Who knows? But the floor probably won't be done for another couple of months.

Friday, June 16, 2006


So I have a few seconds to spend on the computer and thought I would do an update - on the youngest to the oldest:

Jonas (6 months) - We just went to his check-up and he is fine and dandy. He is beginning to show more signs of Maxwell-ish - dropping his height down to the 25th percentile and his weight to the 10-25th. His head remains in the 50th. Compared to Miles, though, he is Huge to me. He did okay with the shots and I think all the office ladies (at the ped's office) think he is just about the cutest baby - he is SUCH a flirt. And I am so not joking.

Miles (2 1/4 years) - Well I hope I could report that he no longer have yelling episodes, but he let loose again today. All was fine and dandy until nap time. I put him in his crib and then he has a new thing of telling us what songs to sing and then right in the middle saying "no" and asking for another song. Well it has gotten ridiculous. I can only do so much. So I explained things, sang the song he choose and left. Then he wailed/yelled for 25 minutes - all sorts of things, like "NO twinkle, Poor Meat Song, No Poor Meat Song, Twinkle." And on and on. After he calmed down I went in and then he asked for another song - I thought maybe it would be better. So I sang and then just left in the midst of "No, another song." He cried for about 2 minutes and then fell asleep. We did have a good morning of playing with play-dough for a good 1 1/2 hours. I had to make all sorts of sea creatures - nemo, sharks, turtles, frogs, squids, "tuna animal," etc. All requested by Miles. It was fun.

Wilson (4 years) - Continues to be pestered and so has 2 hiding places - one under our bed and the other one is on top of our bed! I SO did NOT want Wilson on our bed, but I feel bad for the poor guy. And, hey, if he can jump up to it - which he can - good for him (our bed is really high). He has crazy moments at nite when he runs wild around the house and yard.

Me (27, i think) - I finally got in contact with the nursing manager on the med-surg floor at the hospital. I will meet with her next Tuesday about doing Per Diem Nites. I am really hoping to be able to work once a week. I'm real pleased with a dinner plan I've come up with - Friday nite is cereal nite. I LOVE it. And it's like GOOD cereals - not the GrapeNuts I eat each morning (those are good, but more good-for-you). I'm real excited for some Yogurt Cheerios tonite. Yea!

Ben (30) - He continues to want to do something other than his current job - so if you have any job openings, let me know first (I'll screen them for him - haha!). He's worked a little late every day this week and so that really hasn't helped. But he doesn't hate his job, actually likes most of the doctors, and so it could be worse. He's just as good-looking as ever - and a great husband and father (Happy Father's Day!). He even let Miles help him with the mowing - per mom's request. :)

Our House (105-ish) - Well I've started another project: painting the kitchen cupboards. It is just about all I have done on my free-time this week. Monday and Tuesday I stayed up until 11 - then I crashed at 9pm on Wednesday. But I'm getting there. We hope to have most of it done tomorrow. After the cupboards are all painted, we'll put in some nicer, but still cheap, flooring.

Anyways, there is the way-longer-than-expected update.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Hello there. So I thought of an interesting survey that should be done - maybe my statistician sista can do it. I was just thinking about the occurence rate of a 2nd or later PLANNED pregnancy during the time the 1st child (or 2nd, 3rd, etc.) is TWO???? Does that make sense? Basically, does the rate of pregnancy totally drop during the so-called TERRIBLE TWOS????? Ummmmm, today I would venture to say YES! I mean, when I got pregnant with Jonas, Miles was still a sweet little one-year old. And now? Hmmmmm, not one and not so sweet.

Now I can't say he's bad because 1. he's not and 2. he's just a kid - a 2-year old. But come on. Why do they just have to YELL???? Where do they learn such behavior? I don't sit and scream in the corner for 15 minutes? Are we born with some yearn for yelling that suddenly develops around age 2? I don't know?

But, ummmm, can anybody tell me if the terrible-twos GO as fast as they come? Also, what's a mom to do?

Miles for the past couple of days just has these uncontrollable yelling/crying episodes. I can't understand him (he resembles the father on the movie "A Christmas Story" when he's having some car trouble and just yells incomprehensible words). At least he is not screaming at the top of his lungs - he is more grunting from deep in his chest.

I just don't know what I am suppose to do as a mom. He went to time-out after I gave him a warning today for yelling - then he just yelled and yelled. He became quite wild. So I tried to hold him and divert his attention elsewhere, but it didn't work. So then I stuck him in his crib. He yelled/cried for the next 10-12 mintues (hours, maybe????) and then calmed down and became managable. So what do I do - continue time-outs, etc.? Any other tips - ummm, Rebecca, what was that about pepper on the tongue???? :)

Anyways, moments like this I say thank goodness for JONAS. He is such a little sweetie. He just busts up laughing when we play "peek-a-boo," "eye-winker. . ." (from Grandma Diana), or just look at him. He is such a cutie and so nice to have around. (Don't worry, I still absolutely LOVE Miles.) I have Jonas' 6-month appointment on Friday so we'll see how he's doing. He likes all baby food except peaches. I've decided to try to make the baby food instead of buying it - I can make 2lbs of pureed carrots for 99 cents, versus buying it for like 5 bucks. 4 dollars doesn't sound bad, but an increase of about 500% does! (Is that right math, erin?). It comes down to spending let's say $40/month on commercial stuff versus $8/month on homemade. Or something like that. We'll see how long it lasts, though! I just got an email from some babysite and it talked about nitrites in carrots and beets and such and how they should be commercially bought for babies. Gosh. I'll have to ask the pediatrician about that one.

Anyways, enough babbling. My VTers should be coming any moment. But I might as well post a picture while I'm blogging. The picture is one of the scariest things I've done with Miles - fingerpainting! It was fun, but really scary. Another scary thing we did last week was Miles going down this huge, steep slide all by himself. He had to climb up the steep ladder - he would not let me on them! And, seriously, they are steep. But, of course, he did great.

Anyways, I'll go. . . for now. . . but any help would be appreciated. . .

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Family Camp-Out, Cont.

(I couldn't add any more pics to the post, so I had to do another one - so you have to read the blog right below this one for the start of "The Family Camp-Out).
So maybe one would think Jonas would be a little cranky after his not-so-grand nite of sleep? NOT SO! He was all giggly and dancin' in his crib! He was totally happy this morning and just soooooo cute. He is the greatest li'l baby and I just love him! He's an awesome little camper.

Miles is an awesome camper, too! I thought his "bed-head" was too great to not show-off. :) I LOVE his hair. So this was the start of the day - eating some cold instant-oatmeal. I loved it. Ben had to cook some turkey-bacon and eggs - and then eat oatmeal, too! Gosh, do I starve these boys that all they want to do it eat, eat, eat while camping? Well maybe I do starve them of something that men perhaps inately crave: GREASE. :)

Here is just a shot of the Uncompaghre River - it was really beautiful and great for throwing sticks in. Miles was so excited when he saw the water! He just had a great time.

And here we all are - we survived the nite and actually had a good time. There is just something about the "Great Outdoors" that makes things just. . . great.

The Family Camp-Out

So we went on our first Family of Four Camp-Out. It actually turned out pretty good. We bought a big tent and have been excited to use it ever since - so we decided to go simple the first time out. We choose to go to Rigdway State Park - only about 20 minutes from our home. It was real beautiful. Here are the boys setting up the tent - the tent was bigger than the space designated for the tent that we had to have some of it hang off the edge. It was no problem, though.

This is what we were doing while the "big boys" were hard at work in putting up the tent. Looks pretty fun, huh!

So here is Miles eating his First S'more. He liked it okay, but really all he wanted was the chocolate and marshmellow - he didn't finish the s'more. He just ate lots of mellows and chocolate. I think one of his favorite parts about camping was the food. Says a lot about my home-cookin'! Ha.

The Morning after the nite. So how did it go sleeping in the tent. Well, . . . it went okay. As I have told some people, I have lowered my expectations. Now I say that and it sounds depressing and horrible, but really it's not. Ben says it a much nicer way: I've made more realistic expectations. He's right, too. I had this quote on my fridge for several years - a quote by Pres. Hinckley how life really is just, for most of us, ordinary. Truthfully, I never really liked the quote - I put it up there on the fridge, but I never really liked it. Until now that I see the wisdom in it. Of course now I can't find the quote (it got lost in the move), but I do agree with it. Anyways, since I didn't expect to put my kids down without a fight and to sleep all nite long, the nite went just fine. Jonas went down after a little fight. Miles stayed up with us and then took about 15 min. before he stopped chatting and walking around the tent, etc. It was really cute listening and watching him. Jonas woke up every 2-3 hours and I just nursed him and he would go right back to sleep - I think he was a little cold. We've got some Kamping Kinks that will have to get worked out. But I usually wake up every 2-3 hours anyways when camping, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Poor Food Song

So today was a busy and good day. Jonas didn't wake up until 5:15am for his feeding and so that gave me lots of good, and consecutive, sleep. I then went running - and just kept on running all day long! We had to drop off the car at a tranmission place today and so I and the 2 boys drove down, dropped it off, and then walked home - mind you, it was only like 4-5 blocks. (Some good things about living in a small town!) After Jonas went down for his nap Miles and I watered the garden that is slowing growing. It's not flourishing by any means, but seeds are popping up - we've got corn, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cilantro, basil, carrots, onions, and pumpkin. I think that's it. Oh yeah, and strawberries. We'll see how much we actually "harvest."

After gardening and going on a rolly-polly hunt, we got Jonas up and all went to the park - it's so close that we just walk there. Well Jonas doesn't quite walk, but he strolls along. Ben decided to put Jonas in a swing the last time we were there and he really enjoyed it. So I had both boys in the swing today and it was really nice. Although it doesn't look like it from the pictures, Jonas really does enjoy swinging. There isn't much the kid doesn't like! And I have tried, but Miles will not sit back in the swing. Whatever. But we all had a great time.

Then there was lunch and nap time for both the boys - and "me-time" for, who else, ME. That was nice. During "me-time" I checked my email and found out that I won this contest thingy that I had entered. So I won a free ice-cream party for 100 of my neighbors! HA! I got this thing one day from Dreyer's (an email) and so I wrote some little entry about why my neighborhood should win an ice-cream party and I was like one of 1000 who won. Fun for us and the neighbors! We'll be the cool kids on the block - at least for a day. I can't remember all the details, but they are sending the info in the mail. They of course provide the ice cream (slow-churned stuff, or something like that?), and plates, spoons, and who knows what else? Anyways, kind of funny. I'm actually embarrased now that I have to "host" a party. Yeah, me and parties haven't always gotten along that well. But what can go wrong with a free ice cream party, right. Pretty funny.

After nap time Ben came home and we rounded up the kids and walked down to pick up our sick car - it needs about $2000 worth of tranmission repair. How lame. Then it was come home, make dinner, give baths, and put the kids to bed. Haleluiah (no idea on spelling it and just too lazy to look it up right now).

When we asked Miles what bed-time song he wanted sung he replied, "poor food song." Meaning "On top of Old Smokey. . ." (I'm not sure what the real title is.) He usually calls it the "poor meat song" (if you don't understand why, you'll just have to sing the song to yourself). Pretty dang cute, huh!? After we sing our song, he always makes up other songs for us to sing - like "the park song," or "the crib song," or "the dog song." It could go on all nite if Miles had his way!

Well it's now time for some weeding in the garden. The work, fun, whatever you want to call it, never ends. . .

Friday, June 02, 2006

Impressionable Minds

I meant to mention this in my last blog, but forgot. Oh well, it deserves its own blog. So today we got out a box of "old" toys - although it was like Christmas again seeing what was inside! Miles loved it. Anyways, inside the box was this random bell on a string - the "jingle bell" as we called it.

Well 8 months ago - mind you, EIGHT months - while living in New York, we took a trip to the coast of Maine and other such places. We drove back through New Hampshire and Vermont. In Vermont there was this really cute country store and so we decided to stop and stretch our legs, and lust after the expensive things that we could not buy. Well inside the store was this HUGE moose on the wall - a real moose. It really, really frightened Miles and made him burst into tears anytime he saw it. It was kind of cute, though. Anyways, what does this have to do with the jingle bell?

Well we bought the jingle bell at that store. And today when we got it out Miles said, "Jingle bell! Moose store." WHAT??!!!! That was 8 months ago - how did he remember such a thing! I would like to say the kid is brilliant (which, of course, he is), but we always hear how the first few years of life are SOOOOO impressionable and important - you got that right! I was flabergasted. Kids do not cease to amaze me.

No RICE about it

So we started feeding the big baby some yummy rice cereal a couple of days ago. He actually does a really great job of eating it - for a baby of course! He'll eat just about all of it - with 90% actually being swallowed. Wow! Soooooo different from Miles - he wouldn't touch rice cereal unless it was mixed with TONS of pears or other baby fruit stuff. So hooray for Jonas! Miles, of course, has to have a bite of rice cereal EVERY time we are feeding Jonas - Miles makes a face, but says, "Yummy." Yeah right. Now that he has been introduced to wide world of truly YUMMY foods (i.e, chocolate, marshmellows, etc.!), I don't think he's totally telling the truth. He needs a better poker face.

Speaking of Miles, here he is in the coolest apron ever made for a little boy - made by his truly, "AuntE" (my sis, Erin). It is so super cute and Miles LOVES the truck and fire engine patch on it. Doesn't he look more like an official cook assistant now with his spiffy apron?

And, in case you are wondering, his potty-training ended just about as fast as it started (no such luck with me either, Kristen!). He'll maybe use the toilet once a day, but that's it. But I really wasn't expecting to throw out the diapers yet, anyways. So I'm not worried.

Miles needs to learn how to "play nice with others." He's been having some problems with this lately - at the park and last nite at gymnastics - and it is making me very sad and frustrated. Luckily he's not into hiting or anything like that. Just if somebody wants to slide down the slide that he's playing with, he kind of grunts and moans and tries to cut off the other kid. Sheesh. So we've talked about the rules of the playground (#1 - SHARING, and #2 - no crying when it's time to go), and we'll see if it improves. I hope so - for his sake (so he'll have friends) and for my sake (so I'll have friends!). But he is still mostly a sweet boy - he just has his moments. But, I guess we all have those moments. . .