Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Family Camp-Out, Cont.

(I couldn't add any more pics to the post, so I had to do another one - so you have to read the blog right below this one for the start of "The Family Camp-Out).
So maybe one would think Jonas would be a little cranky after his not-so-grand nite of sleep? NOT SO! He was all giggly and dancin' in his crib! He was totally happy this morning and just soooooo cute. He is the greatest li'l baby and I just love him! He's an awesome little camper.

Miles is an awesome camper, too! I thought his "bed-head" was too great to not show-off. :) I LOVE his hair. So this was the start of the day - eating some cold instant-oatmeal. I loved it. Ben had to cook some turkey-bacon and eggs - and then eat oatmeal, too! Gosh, do I starve these boys that all they want to do it eat, eat, eat while camping? Well maybe I do starve them of something that men perhaps inately crave: GREASE. :)

Here is just a shot of the Uncompaghre River - it was really beautiful and great for throwing sticks in. Miles was so excited when he saw the water! He just had a great time.

And here we all are - we survived the nite and actually had a good time. There is just something about the "Great Outdoors" that makes things just. . . great.

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rebecca said...

Emily, you have the cutest family! And I love how adventurous you guys are! Your post has me planning a campout with our 4. Wouldn't that be nuts? But if you can do it with a new baby, so can we! Right?

I love reading your blog!