Thursday, June 22, 2006

going, going, going, GOT IT

Well Jonas is really picking up on the whole "I-want-to-be-mobile-like-my-brother-phase." Just in the last week he's really started the crawling process. He's so, so, so close to actually crawling - it's amazing. I really thought I had a couple of months before he'd really start crawling - and now I realize it will be a whole new ballgame with two mobile boys! It's really fun, though - I can put things really quite out of reach, but with a combination of his semi-crawling and rolling he can get to everything! He's all over the rooms! Wow. I've realized with Miles that once these little boys start moving - there's no stopping them!

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rebecca said...

How fun! You have an active little guy there. My little m is BARELY rolling, let alone kind of crawling. It will be a whole new adventure for you now! Two boys running in different directions at once! Look out! :)