Friday, June 02, 2006

Impressionable Minds

I meant to mention this in my last blog, but forgot. Oh well, it deserves its own blog. So today we got out a box of "old" toys - although it was like Christmas again seeing what was inside! Miles loved it. Anyways, inside the box was this random bell on a string - the "jingle bell" as we called it.

Well 8 months ago - mind you, EIGHT months - while living in New York, we took a trip to the coast of Maine and other such places. We drove back through New Hampshire and Vermont. In Vermont there was this really cute country store and so we decided to stop and stretch our legs, and lust after the expensive things that we could not buy. Well inside the store was this HUGE moose on the wall - a real moose. It really, really frightened Miles and made him burst into tears anytime he saw it. It was kind of cute, though. Anyways, what does this have to do with the jingle bell?

Well we bought the jingle bell at that store. And today when we got it out Miles said, "Jingle bell! Moose store." WHAT??!!!! That was 8 months ago - how did he remember such a thing! I would like to say the kid is brilliant (which, of course, he is), but we always hear how the first few years of life are SOOOOO impressionable and important - you got that right! I was flabergasted. Kids do not cease to amaze me.

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