Friday, June 02, 2006

No RICE about it

So we started feeding the big baby some yummy rice cereal a couple of days ago. He actually does a really great job of eating it - for a baby of course! He'll eat just about all of it - with 90% actually being swallowed. Wow! Soooooo different from Miles - he wouldn't touch rice cereal unless it was mixed with TONS of pears or other baby fruit stuff. So hooray for Jonas! Miles, of course, has to have a bite of rice cereal EVERY time we are feeding Jonas - Miles makes a face, but says, "Yummy." Yeah right. Now that he has been introduced to wide world of truly YUMMY foods (i.e, chocolate, marshmellows, etc.!), I don't think he's totally telling the truth. He needs a better poker face.

Speaking of Miles, here he is in the coolest apron ever made for a little boy - made by his truly, "AuntE" (my sis, Erin). It is so super cute and Miles LOVES the truck and fire engine patch on it. Doesn't he look more like an official cook assistant now with his spiffy apron?

And, in case you are wondering, his potty-training ended just about as fast as it started (no such luck with me either, Kristen!). He'll maybe use the toilet once a day, but that's it. But I really wasn't expecting to throw out the diapers yet, anyways. So I'm not worried.

Miles needs to learn how to "play nice with others." He's been having some problems with this lately - at the park and last nite at gymnastics - and it is making me very sad and frustrated. Luckily he's not into hiting or anything like that. Just if somebody wants to slide down the slide that he's playing with, he kind of grunts and moans and tries to cut off the other kid. Sheesh. So we've talked about the rules of the playground (#1 - SHARING, and #2 - no crying when it's time to go), and we'll see if it improves. I hope so - for his sake (so he'll have friends) and for my sake (so I'll have friends!). But he is still mostly a sweet boy - he just has his moments. But, I guess we all have those moments. . .

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