Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Poor Food Song

So today was a busy and good day. Jonas didn't wake up until 5:15am for his feeding and so that gave me lots of good, and consecutive, sleep. I then went running - and just kept on running all day long! We had to drop off the car at a tranmission place today and so I and the 2 boys drove down, dropped it off, and then walked home - mind you, it was only like 4-5 blocks. (Some good things about living in a small town!) After Jonas went down for his nap Miles and I watered the garden that is slowing growing. It's not flourishing by any means, but seeds are popping up - we've got corn, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cilantro, basil, carrots, onions, and pumpkin. I think that's it. Oh yeah, and strawberries. We'll see how much we actually "harvest."

After gardening and going on a rolly-polly hunt, we got Jonas up and all went to the park - it's so close that we just walk there. Well Jonas doesn't quite walk, but he strolls along. Ben decided to put Jonas in a swing the last time we were there and he really enjoyed it. So I had both boys in the swing today and it was really nice. Although it doesn't look like it from the pictures, Jonas really does enjoy swinging. There isn't much the kid doesn't like! And I have tried, but Miles will not sit back in the swing. Whatever. But we all had a great time.

Then there was lunch and nap time for both the boys - and "me-time" for, who else, ME. That was nice. During "me-time" I checked my email and found out that I won this contest thingy that I had entered. So I won a free ice-cream party for 100 of my neighbors! HA! I got this thing one day from Dreyer's (an email) and so I wrote some little entry about why my neighborhood should win an ice-cream party and I was like one of 1000 who won. Fun for us and the neighbors! We'll be the cool kids on the block - at least for a day. I can't remember all the details, but they are sending the info in the mail. They of course provide the ice cream (slow-churned stuff, or something like that?), and plates, spoons, and who knows what else? Anyways, kind of funny. I'm actually embarrased now that I have to "host" a party. Yeah, me and parties haven't always gotten along that well. But what can go wrong with a free ice cream party, right. Pretty funny.

After nap time Ben came home and we rounded up the kids and walked down to pick up our sick car - it needs about $2000 worth of tranmission repair. How lame. Then it was come home, make dinner, give baths, and put the kids to bed. Haleluiah (no idea on spelling it and just too lazy to look it up right now).

When we asked Miles what bed-time song he wanted sung he replied, "poor food song." Meaning "On top of Old Smokey. . ." (I'm not sure what the real title is.) He usually calls it the "poor meat song" (if you don't understand why, you'll just have to sing the song to yourself). Pretty dang cute, huh!? After we sing our song, he always makes up other songs for us to sing - like "the park song," or "the crib song," or "the dog song." It could go on all nite if Miles had his way!

Well it's now time for some weeding in the garden. The work, fun, whatever you want to call it, never ends. . .


rebecca said...

Wow! Congrats on your ice cream party! What fun!

Kristen said...

Okay, so that is so funny that Miles won't sit back on the swing because Tyler is the SAME way. He won't let me help him hold onto the chains or anything. So...cool that you won some ice cream. Go Emily!