Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stove, Sherbet, and more. . .

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. But that's not true - it hasn't even been a week! But Ben's parents came by for about 5 days and so that was SUPER nice. Jim and Ben worked Saturday in getting a 220 electrical outlet installed so that we could finally get our $25 stove put in (with all the equipment/materials for the outlet our stove now cost us about $120 - but our home warranty is giving us $175 for the old stove and so we're still coming out on top!). We love the stove! So now I can't blame my cooking on a gas stove/oven - but I can now say, "gosh, i don't remember how to cook on electric." And it's true - you just had to look at my pancakes last nite to see that!

And here are the 2 boys. A lot of the time Miles will say, "No, Jonas don't touch that," No, Jonas not in tent," - no, Jonas this or that. But he's doing pretty good with sharing. He warmed up to the idea of Jonas in the tent - good thing because Jonas totally loved it! He was just kicking his feet and having a grand ol' time.

So Ben's parents took us out to get some yummy treats at the Russel Stover store here. I got some sherbet and thought I would give Jonas a LITTLE taste of mine. Well I gave the kid a little bite and then he just started fussing after that. I thought, "Poor kid, he's sooooo tired" (we'd just taken family pics). But, NOOOOO, he wanted my sherbet! So he got a lot more of it than I bargained for! Any time there was a delay from the spoon to his mouth, he wasn't so happy about it! It was totally cute and funny!

So Miles has been given a bad rap on the past few blogs I've done. So now it is time to tell how good he's been - and he has! I haven't had a screaming fit in like 2 weeks or something - thank goodness! They may not be gone for good, but I don't think it will be a regular occurence with him anymore. He still struggles with sharing (I do too), but has wonderful moments of sharing with Jonas - or he'll take a toy and give Jonas something else to play with. How nice?!

I had to go to lunch today (a gal we VT only meets her VTers for lunch) - with my 2 kids. My companion tried to get a babysitter for our 2 2-year olds, but the YW are all at camp (try understanding this paragraph if you aren't LDS!). So anyway, I got to go and manage Miles while holding/feeding (not nursing) Jonas and trying to eat my YUMMY panini. And you know what, it all worked out just fine! I got a good work-out, but I was so pleased with my boys. They probably looked extra good b/c my comp. had to call her husband at work and have him pick up her 2-year old - this happened after he had knocked over the high chair he was kicking. There was this big table of women across the room who looked at us with startled looks and such when this happened - and so I reassured them that no kids were in it at the time. I don't think that's what startled them - I think they were startled that we dare bring 2-year olds into their peaceful lunch place! Ahhh well, these are the days for us - they already had theirs but have maybe forgotten! But the gal we VT is really nice (I've never met her), and told us that TARGET is coming to town (YES!!! - and she really does know because she's like some electrical engineer for the big electric co. out here and so they know all the businesses and such), and she paid for lunch - all those 3 things combined totally made it worth it. :) Besides the fact that we needed to get our VTing done. Miles even ate about 1/3 of my panini - which is good for him and sad for me. :)

Anyways, last bit of news. I guess I got "fired" from my "old" calling - RS teacher. I was teaching every other month - I had only done it twice. But I guess that was enough to reach perfection status on my teaching skills - HAHA. Just kidding. But, ummm, now I am the . . . Mia Maids Advisor! AIYIYI. No, not the sweet beehives, not the maturing Laurels, the Junior-High Mia Maids. I'll survive, right? Actually, I think it should be okay. I don't know who any of them are and so it will be interesting. And, yes, I am sure they are ALL taller than me. Who isn't?

So anyways, that's the latest. We all really, really enjoyed having Jim and Diana here. It is so nice to be close to family - we love it.

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Kristen said...

Love the boys in the tent. That is awesome. I like how Miles pretty much owns the tent too. Poor Jonas. They are so stinkin cute.