Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer Things

So July 4th is usually the epitome of summer-time, I think. A hot day, family time, watermelon, etc. To get us ready we went to the local swimming pool and had a great time yesterday. I actually just hung out with Jonas mainly on the grass - but we had fun in the shade with the cool water-breeze hitting us. It was sooooo nice.

Miles and Ben had a lot of fun, too! The waterslide was especially fun and the wading pool was way nice, too. We almost had a break-down when it was time to go, but I reminded Miles of Rule #2 for when we go somewhere: when it's time to go, no screaming or crying. If we forget the rule, we can't go back a long time. It works pretty well.

This morning was really fun as a bunch of hot air ballons started soaring over our house! It was really awesome - but hard to get a really awesome picture! Miles thought it was fun and even talked about the "fire." Gosh, he's got some good eyes! Wilson wasn't so enthused about the ballons - he was howling up a storm! It was quite funny - luckily it was 8am and not 6am, though. Our neighbors might not have thought it was all that amusing if it was that early. But we're excited for the 4th and our camping trip we'll be taking. Summer is good - but would be so much better if it weren't for the darn heat.


rebecca said...

Emily! What a cute house! It's so great! And you got some fabulous pics of your watersliding boys! Have a fun 4th!

falco348 said...

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