Friday, June 16, 2006


So I have a few seconds to spend on the computer and thought I would do an update - on the youngest to the oldest:

Jonas (6 months) - We just went to his check-up and he is fine and dandy. He is beginning to show more signs of Maxwell-ish - dropping his height down to the 25th percentile and his weight to the 10-25th. His head remains in the 50th. Compared to Miles, though, he is Huge to me. He did okay with the shots and I think all the office ladies (at the ped's office) think he is just about the cutest baby - he is SUCH a flirt. And I am so not joking.

Miles (2 1/4 years) - Well I hope I could report that he no longer have yelling episodes, but he let loose again today. All was fine and dandy until nap time. I put him in his crib and then he has a new thing of telling us what songs to sing and then right in the middle saying "no" and asking for another song. Well it has gotten ridiculous. I can only do so much. So I explained things, sang the song he choose and left. Then he wailed/yelled for 25 minutes - all sorts of things, like "NO twinkle, Poor Meat Song, No Poor Meat Song, Twinkle." And on and on. After he calmed down I went in and then he asked for another song - I thought maybe it would be better. So I sang and then just left in the midst of "No, another song." He cried for about 2 minutes and then fell asleep. We did have a good morning of playing with play-dough for a good 1 1/2 hours. I had to make all sorts of sea creatures - nemo, sharks, turtles, frogs, squids, "tuna animal," etc. All requested by Miles. It was fun.

Wilson (4 years) - Continues to be pestered and so has 2 hiding places - one under our bed and the other one is on top of our bed! I SO did NOT want Wilson on our bed, but I feel bad for the poor guy. And, hey, if he can jump up to it - which he can - good for him (our bed is really high). He has crazy moments at nite when he runs wild around the house and yard.

Me (27, i think) - I finally got in contact with the nursing manager on the med-surg floor at the hospital. I will meet with her next Tuesday about doing Per Diem Nites. I am really hoping to be able to work once a week. I'm real pleased with a dinner plan I've come up with - Friday nite is cereal nite. I LOVE it. And it's like GOOD cereals - not the GrapeNuts I eat each morning (those are good, but more good-for-you). I'm real excited for some Yogurt Cheerios tonite. Yea!

Ben (30) - He continues to want to do something other than his current job - so if you have any job openings, let me know first (I'll screen them for him - haha!). He's worked a little late every day this week and so that really hasn't helped. But he doesn't hate his job, actually likes most of the doctors, and so it could be worse. He's just as good-looking as ever - and a great husband and father (Happy Father's Day!). He even let Miles help him with the mowing - per mom's request. :)

Our House (105-ish) - Well I've started another project: painting the kitchen cupboards. It is just about all I have done on my free-time this week. Monday and Tuesday I stayed up until 11 - then I crashed at 9pm on Wednesday. But I'm getting there. We hope to have most of it done tomorrow. After the cupboards are all painted, we'll put in some nicer, but still cheap, flooring.

Anyways, there is the way-longer-than-expected update.

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