Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So here is the dog - with, ummmmm, a little paint on his right hind side. Ben and I really don't know where he got it - I mean, obviously he got it from our painting the other nite, but we don't see any black hairy spots on our wall????? It's pretty funny. He seems pretty self-conscious about it. He doesn't want the other dogs to see him - he just stays inside as much as possible (oh wait, that's all he's ever done!).

Pretty funny. But the painting is all done - yea! It was a lot of work. Next time I'd like to hire someone to do all the prep-work - the taping, wiping, etc. I like the painting, but so much time is spent doing all the other blah prep stuff. Whatever. We are really pleased with the color. It looks a lot better - and the picture makes it look even better (you can't see all my runs, etc. I got better as the painting went on). We've got a few more small things to do: put up some hardware (handles) and something over the hole in the drawer below the sink. Then we'll tackle the floor. We're just not sure what to do - stay with some cheap vinyl tile, or actually put in some nicer tile flooring. Who knows? But the floor probably won't be done for another couple of months.


Kristen said...

It looks way cute Em! Love the color.

rebecca said...

Great color! It's so cute! I love how it goes with your dishes. And maybe Wilson is just trying to fit in to your new decor?