Monday, July 31, 2006


So there has been some confusion as to why I entitled my last entry "tabula rasa." Tabula rasa means a "blank slate." What I meant by this was that men (or at least my husband) have completely blank minds when going to bed. Here's what I think occurs in our minds when we go to bed:

Ben: "I'm tired. . ." (he's now asleep)

Emily: "Did I set out the meat for tomorrow's dinner? What else should I make to go with the chicken? Do we have anything else in the house? Are we going to grill the meat? Will Jonas wake up in the middle of the nite? Will Wilson ever stop moving around under the bed? We need to buy a gate to enclose Wilson. I would really like to have Jonas in his own room. I wonder how much it would cost to make our attic space into a room? Maybe I'll call a contractor tomorrow and he can give us an estimate. It's really hot here in our room. At least the fan helps a little bit. I bet Miles is real hot in his room. We'll need to get a bigger AC unit next year for our house and then we can put our little one in Miles' room. It's really cute how Miles wakes up from his nap all sweaty and his curls in his hair go crazy. Gosh, I'll never take Miles to get his hair cut at Walmart again - I wasn't too excited about the cut nor was it all that cheap. But at least Miles got a free toy out of it. I really want to learn how to cut boys' hair. Miles will be my guinea pig. I had a guinea pig growing up; his name was Silver Fox. What a weird name. What if I named our next kid Silver Fox. That would be funny. I need to get some more baby wipes - we're just about out. Then I have to do a bunch of laundry tomorrow so we can pack for our trip to Utah. I don't think I'll put Miles down for a nap on Tuesday so hopefully he'll sleep a little bit on the car trip. I'll have to bring some baby food for Jonas. I think I still have some pears, potatoes, and green beans in the freezer. I'll need to bring some cereal for Jonas to my parent's house. . . (I'm not sleeping yet)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tabula Rasa

So last nite Ben and I went to bed - mind you, we were pretty tired. We always are, I think. Jonas had awoken at like 10:15 - right when we were going to bed, of course - and was quite upset for some reason. I really hadn't seen him get that mad in quite some time (I should be the one upset, however, since he bit me the other day while nursing and I am still VERY sore from it!) Anyways, I finally gave in, fed the poor lad, and put him back to sleep. So we hopped into bed a few minutes before 11. Before this, though, we had decided to section off the washer/dryer part of our house and have Wilson stay there to sleep (Three's a company in our room and Four is driving me CrAzY). I knew Wilson would not be too keen on it. So, like I said, we got in to bed and within 2 minutes (if not shorter!), Wilson started whining. He whined about every 2-3 minutes. After about 10 minutes of this I leaned over to Ben and asked him what he thought we should do. I, of course, woke him up! He had no idea that Wilson had been whining - and remember he started whining within 2 minutes of us getting into bed! I don't get it. He can fall asleep in like 30 seconds - while I usually am up for at least 10 minutes before falling to sleep. It baffles me and makes me jealous. Is this a gender thing? Do all men fall asleep super fast (ummmm, tabula rasa????), while women take a while? I'm not sure. But this is definitely not the first time I've been amazed that Ben is already soundly sleeping - not just sleeping, mind you, but very soundly sleeping. Wow.

p.s. Another random thought - So when a cookie recipe says how many cookies it makes, does it take in to account the dough-eating factor? I doubt it, but I think it should.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Small Moment of Brotherly Bliss

Well I wish I could say we had more of these "moments" but we don't. But this was really sweet and I had to capture proof of it on the camera. Miles was actually real nice to Jonas and let him on the chair with him - and Miles even read to him some of his books. It was so darn cute. Too bad it lasted like 2 minutes and then Miles was back to his normal self: trying to sit on Jonas, trying to push him off the chair, etc. Jonas, I think, is getting to be quite leary of Miles now. Jonas used to watch Miles' every move with complete awe and admiration - but I think Jonas is now not so fond of his big brother. Frankly, I wouldn't be either! It makes me sad. I hear of other big brothers who just love and adore their little siblings, try to get them to laugh, etc. and I yearn for that. :) Maybe someday? But probably not? Actually, I think it will be Jonas who will be making us all laugh - including Miles. I think that will be his personality. But only time will tell. . .

Sunday, July 23, 2006

How Does Your Garden Grow

So here is our garden - about 1 1/2 months after planting. We're pretty excited with how things are growing - we've gotten a lot of peppers already and have grilled them. We've also used a lot of the cilantro (in our yummy shoepeg corn salsa) and basil (to make pesto pizza and pasta stuff). The other stuff is ripening and hopefully we can eat it soon.

So I survived 2 back-to-back working nites - Friday and Saturday. It's been a while since I've done nights - before Miles was even thought of. Wow. It went okay and I got some rest on Saturday and Sunday - in between Jonas feedings, Miles opening up the bedroom door, screams, etc. I was pretty jealous when the other nurses talked about sleeping from 8am-4:30pm on Saturday. What?! I would LOVE to have that much sleep during the night-time, let alone after working a night shift. But whatever. We actually had 2 very slow nites and I hope that doesn't continue! I need some excitement to keep from thinking, "Only 6 more hours until I can go to sleep, Only 5 more hours until I can go to sleep, Only 4. . ." Okay you get the idea. But really it went just fine and the kids did fine. But I realize I don't really want to do med/surg type stuff anymore - I'm ready for a change. Something like ICU, Kristen???? But that intimidates me because I don't remember much about ICPs, art. lines, vents, etc. But we'll see. I'm obviously not looking to change right away since I just started on the med-surg floor, but maybe come the next year I'll look at doing something different.

Anyways, this is kind of a boring post. I'm putting myself to sleep as I am reading it. Gosh. What can I say to make it more exciting? Nothing - cuz nothing exciting is happening. Miles is sleeping. Jonas is sleeping. And, yep, there is Ben "reading" - with his scriptures opened and his eyes closed. He's pretty amazing like that.

So bye.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sweet Sick Boy

Well I just talked about how sweet sick little boys are and now this week my sick little boy is Miles. Sad. He's running temps of 102-plus - he even managed to get up to 104 tonite! I'm not so happy about that (I called the Peds office, but was really told nothing much. But thank goodness for IBUPROFEN (not tylenol) as it totally kicked his fever and has made him not want to go to bed!!!) But Poor Kid. He gets so tired during his fever spikes and actually fell asleep yesterday morning on his chair while I was reading about Horton the Elephant. Then this morning he was spiking his temp again and so I gave him some tylenol (we didn't have motrin yet) and then put him on his chair for a mid-morning nap (he wanted to - I guess he forgot how he fell off it yesterday and wasn't so excited about that!). I think it's really cute. I hate that the boys get sick, but it is so nice to just hold them - I love it! Hopefully he'll get better soon. Although I shouldn't be surprised - remember Newton's Law of Mommyhood????? Yes, I am suppose to work this Friday and Saturday and nite. I am pretty sure Miles has a sore throat because he keeps complaining about his mouth hurting - although he also tells me his armpit hurts (that's where we take his temps!). I just hope it's a virus and not strep or anything like that. I know Miles is sick when I have to plead with him to eat Ice Cream!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Whoever knows me knows that I love flip-flops. I hardly wear anything else but flip-flops - except for running shoes and another pair of shoes that have no heels and so are pretty similar to flip-flops. But I wear them like all-year round and I think they are the greatest. I'm in desperate need of some new ones, though (it's been like 1 1/2 years!!!!). Anyways, I've always wanted to get Miles a pair of flip-flops - not sandals, but true blue flip-flops. So I've tried once before at Old Navy and it didn't work out. And then I found some super cute ones at Walmart on Saturday. They didn't work out and so today Miles, Jonas, and I went back to try a bigger size. But they didn't work out. Now why are they not working out? I mean, come on, he is my son - he's got to wear flip-flops! But alas, he is maybe too much my son and too much my DAD's grandson. His feet are just too SQUARE and WIDE. Sound familiar dad???? The poor lad can't squeeze his feet under the straps. Does it make Miles sad? No. Does it make me sad. YES. I just really want to share the joys of flip-flops with my boys. :) But now he is probably traumatized by flip-flops and his mom trying her darndest to squeeze his fat feet into them! Haha. Miles didn't really like that - until the flip-flops starting talking"flip-flop" (via mom) and then it was pretty cool. But I'm just bummed. Maybe my sis and I will have to make up our own stretchy pair of flip-flops for square-footed toddlers who have flip-flop-loving mommies. . .

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Ice Cream Party

So here are my first customers - ben and miles. And, seriously, we did not set Miles up to make that face! It's just what happens when you put a spoon full of ice cream in front of a 2-year old. I think it's hilarious!

We had a really good turn out - given the demographics and such of our neighborhood. We really don't see too many people out in their lawns, etc. But about 30 people showed up and a lot stayed and visited with one another (most didn't know each other). Miles and his friend, Meg, were the youngest - and an 80-something year old was our eldest! It turned out to be a really nice get-together. And a yummy one too.

So the Ice Cream Party has come and gone - but luckily not all the ice cream has "gone." We got to figure out what to do with all the leftovers. Ummmm, eat it?????

Friday, July 14, 2006

garage sales

So I do like to go to garage sales. I'm not sure if it is because I am my mother's child (she is CrAzY about garage sales!!!!) or because I really don't have a lot of money and yet like to buy things. Who knows? I usually don't drive or go to them all that often, but if I pass one by I will eye it over. But today there were 2 garage sales 3 houses down from mine, so we took a stroll to check them out.

At the first one I bought that wooden ladder that Jonas is standing on (by the way - Jonas does very well with standing. He loves it! He doesn't yet crawl but does the "worm" or whatever you want to call it. He gets around with not much difficulty. He can also pretty much sit up by himself for long periods of time now. A whole new world is opening up to him - how fun! And his little left bottom tooth is palpable (a nice nursing term for "feel-able" or something like that)) Anyways. . . I am not sure what I am going to do with the ladder - well I do know I will sand it and then paint it, but then I'm not sure. Plant holder? Something in the kitchen? I don't know but it was only $2 - and the nice old man that sold it to me walked it across the street for me.

We went to 2 garage sales and I let Miles pick out 1 thing at each one - wow, do I ever spoil him. He was SO EXCITED at the garage sales and several elderly women commented on how fun it was to just watch him run from one box of toys to the other. He was telling me, "Miles EXcited!!!" It was real cute. So at the first one there was this little box with about 5 or so cute little animals that Miles really liked. But when I told him he could pick out one that we could take home with us, he picks this weirdo, random thing that I honestly have no idea what it is for!? It is some kind of foamy flower - I think some lady there mentioned it is for cleaning glass? Whatever, we came home and "potted" it in a flower pot. At the next garage sale they had all sorts of toys - they had these big trucks (which he LOVED) but they were like $7 and I wasn't going to spend that much. So then we looked around and he found this some old airplane. So those are the toys Miles ended up with. Oh, and I got them both for free. I think I've figured out that I can get good deals garage sale-ing when I take my cute boys with me. :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So I have had a somewhat busier and somewhat slower week this week. I've had hospital orientation so that I can start working on the Med/Surg floor one nite a week. The hospital orientation is a must for all employees - food services, secretarial, nursing staff, etc. This is the 4th hospital orientation I have gone to - and I have to say if you've been to one you've been to them all. They are all the same. Also, I have to say if you've been to one, that is one too many! Gosh, are they SO BORING. I just about can't stand them. But the one good thing about Montrose's orientation is that it is only M-Thurs., 8am-12. Wow, usually I am stuck in these things for like the whole week from 8-5. So I give them the thumbs up there! In some ways it's been a nice change of pace compared to being at home watching the kiddos all day (I did miss them, though!!!!), but I'd rather my change of pace was something more like hiking in the Tetons. Ahhhh, them were the days. . .

(my sick baby)
So there's got to be something called "Newton's law of mommyhood." It goes something like this: "If mom decides to put a little kink in the schedule by planning something - either recreational or for work - her kids are bound to have something occur to make that kink even bigger." I mean, whenever I plan on doing something, a kid goes and changes his schedule a little bit, decides he wants to yell instead of sleep, gets sick, or something! So I wasn't surprised when Jonas came down with a low-grade fever and increased irritablity, etc. on Sunday. So on Sunday nite I got to stay up for about 4 hours with sick, crying little Jonas. It was sad - for the both of us! But we both survived (although 2 presenters at orientation had to apologize to me for being so boring because I kept yawning! Ha! Of course they were boring, but I think I was more tired than bored). But Jonas is doing much better (although he is waking up a couple of times during the nite - boo-hoo for me! I was getting used to a good 6-hours of consecutive sleep) and I expect his 2 bottom teeth to show up any day now! There is nothing more sweet and precious than holding a sick baby.

So tomorrow is my last day of orientation - yeah! My great mother came out for the first 3 days to babysit and did fabulous. Thanks goodness for a GREAT mother and mother-in-law. They are so wonderful with Miles and Jonas and Miles just talks about them all the time. When they are here Miles could care less where mommy is - makes me sad, but oh well! There was no crying when I left each morning, no "don't go mommy," no running up to mommy to welcome me home. Gosh, maybe I need to tell Miles' wonderful Grandmas to be mean to make me look good. :) Yeah, I don't think it will happen either. Miles, and I, are very lucky.

So Friday nite is the Neighborhood Ice Cream Party. I just have no idea what to expect - we have such a different demographic here in the "downtown" area that I have no idea who will and will not come. But the ice cream did come and that's important! My mom tried a bite of Butter Pecan before she headed off and said it was yummy. We've got 12 cartons in our freezer. It all came when my mom was here and I was off at orientation - I forgot to ask how she kept Miles from not tearing open every carton!

Anyways, that's more than enough for now. I'm sure we'll have some pictures of at least the Maxwells eating some ice cream at the ice cream party!

Friday, July 07, 2006

the Artist and Acrobat

Miles has really been into his chalkboard lately. Now he is actually the one drawing - rather than having everybody else draw what he wants. And this is the style of what he is always drawing these days - I find it fascinating! He used to do just mindless scribbles. While what he draws now still mimics mindless scribble, he definitely has a pattern to what he does. He always makes these little oval-like shapes and then puts all these dots in them. They are usually animals, water animals: squids, star-fish, sting rays, sharks, etc. He is following after his artist forefathers: Great-Grandpa Miles and Great-great Grandpa Works. His imagination has exploded the last couple of weeks. Sometimes it scares me because I'll come in to his room and he'll point up to the ceiling and start talking about the "squids" up there - I, ummmm, hope he really doesn't think he sees them. . .

Next is Jonas, my acrobat. He absolutely loves to get into this position. He does it all day long! He'll get up on all 4s and then do a little "head-stand." I think he'll be doing sommersaults before Miles does! Maybe he's just getting a different perspective of his world. It's really fun and cute to watch him.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy (yawn) July (yawn) 4th (yawn)

Now by my title I do not mean to say that we had a boring 4th of July - cuz we sure didn't! But since we had camped out the nite before - we might have been all a little tired. But that didn't stop us - well since it didn't stop Miles, it couldn't stop us! But don't they look a little sleepy???

But the kids really do love camping. They both love being inside and outside of the tent. It's great! Jonas just loves looking up at the trees and such, and he also loves just looking up at the tent ceiling and out the window. Miles loves running around inside the tent - and throwing rocks, playing in the dirt, and jumping all around outside the tent. Since it rained on Monday the kids got a little of both - playing inside and outside. Perfect.

We went camping at Lake City - a cool mountain town about 2 hours from us. It's really beautiful over there. They have a parade ("pah-rade" if you're Miles) every year and so, of course, we had to go. Miles didn't really understand at first and kept talking about all the toys that would be there. But he was excited to go to this Pah-rade thing.

Miles' favorite thing about the Pah-rade was all the candy we got - and we got TONS! We probably even gave about 1/2 of it away and still ended up with a huge bowl full of candy. It was better than Halloween! Jonas was excited to get something out of the Pah-rade, too - and nice ball to chew on. The Pah-rade consisted mainly of Jeeps and 4-wheelers with people on them throwing out candy - and since we had the cutest 2 boys there we got most of the candy. :)

Anyways, it was a big, fun day and our trip to Lake City ended with 2 zonked-out boys in the backseat. . . Needless to say, we didn't keep them up for the fireworks that nite!