Monday, July 31, 2006


So there has been some confusion as to why I entitled my last entry "tabula rasa." Tabula rasa means a "blank slate." What I meant by this was that men (or at least my husband) have completely blank minds when going to bed. Here's what I think occurs in our minds when we go to bed:

Ben: "I'm tired. . ." (he's now asleep)

Emily: "Did I set out the meat for tomorrow's dinner? What else should I make to go with the chicken? Do we have anything else in the house? Are we going to grill the meat? Will Jonas wake up in the middle of the nite? Will Wilson ever stop moving around under the bed? We need to buy a gate to enclose Wilson. I would really like to have Jonas in his own room. I wonder how much it would cost to make our attic space into a room? Maybe I'll call a contractor tomorrow and he can give us an estimate. It's really hot here in our room. At least the fan helps a little bit. I bet Miles is real hot in his room. We'll need to get a bigger AC unit next year for our house and then we can put our little one in Miles' room. It's really cute how Miles wakes up from his nap all sweaty and his curls in his hair go crazy. Gosh, I'll never take Miles to get his hair cut at Walmart again - I wasn't too excited about the cut nor was it all that cheap. But at least Miles got a free toy out of it. I really want to learn how to cut boys' hair. Miles will be my guinea pig. I had a guinea pig growing up; his name was Silver Fox. What a weird name. What if I named our next kid Silver Fox. That would be funny. I need to get some more baby wipes - we're just about out. Then I have to do a bunch of laundry tomorrow so we can pack for our trip to Utah. I don't think I'll put Miles down for a nap on Tuesday so hopefully he'll sleep a little bit on the car trip. I'll have to bring some baby food for Jonas. I think I still have some pears, potatoes, and green beans in the freezer. I'll need to bring some cereal for Jonas to my parent's house. . . (I'm not sleeping yet)


filipelamas said...

Congratulations for your blog!
Keep on with the good work!

erin said...

em, this was awesome. it's soooo me and chuck! i was laughing really hard. good for you.

rebecca said...

Oh yeah. So funny Emily! Well, you described David and I up until somewhere between kids number 2 and 3. Now I'm so exhuasted every night that I usually go to bed before David and I fall asleep as soon as I say "amen" (and sometimes before ;)).

Kristen said...

First of all......my favorite part was walmart's haircut. Apparently the hairdressor at Walmart is going to get fired soon. Secondly, loved this entry. It made me laugh. I might have to read it again while I'm at work tonight.

Niederfam said...

Funny! I agree, but cutting hair is HARDER than you think, we've had TWO failed attempts. And last time Mitt announced to the lady, "mommy can't cut my hair anymore." Direct quote previously heard from daddy. But alas it grows back. And YES, Preston is almost ALWAYS asleep before I am!!!! Loved it!

A said...

It is the opposite for Rachael and I (we are Erin's friends Rachael and Andy). She is always asleep before me, I can tell because she gets "Jimmy legs" when she is asleep (her whole body will shake, like she is falling off a cliff or something). I always have a hard time shutting my brain off, I keep thinking about my experiments and research (I am a graduate student in biochemistry).

We really enjoy your blog!

Daniel, Katie, & Ava said...

Very, very funny Emily. You just made us all laugh. You will have to show Ben my comment on your July 23rd entry...something about Maxwell's Mowing. So long.