Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy (yawn) July (yawn) 4th (yawn)

Now by my title I do not mean to say that we had a boring 4th of July - cuz we sure didn't! But since we had camped out the nite before - we might have been all a little tired. But that didn't stop us - well since it didn't stop Miles, it couldn't stop us! But don't they look a little sleepy???

But the kids really do love camping. They both love being inside and outside of the tent. It's great! Jonas just loves looking up at the trees and such, and he also loves just looking up at the tent ceiling and out the window. Miles loves running around inside the tent - and throwing rocks, playing in the dirt, and jumping all around outside the tent. Since it rained on Monday the kids got a little of both - playing inside and outside. Perfect.

We went camping at Lake City - a cool mountain town about 2 hours from us. It's really beautiful over there. They have a parade ("pah-rade" if you're Miles) every year and so, of course, we had to go. Miles didn't really understand at first and kept talking about all the toys that would be there. But he was excited to go to this Pah-rade thing.

Miles' favorite thing about the Pah-rade was all the candy we got - and we got TONS! We probably even gave about 1/2 of it away and still ended up with a huge bowl full of candy. It was better than Halloween! Jonas was excited to get something out of the Pah-rade, too - and nice ball to chew on. The Pah-rade consisted mainly of Jeeps and 4-wheelers with people on them throwing out candy - and since we had the cutest 2 boys there we got most of the candy. :)

Anyways, it was a big, fun day and our trip to Lake City ended with 2 zonked-out boys in the backseat. . . Needless to say, we didn't keep them up for the fireworks that nite!

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rebecca said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! You keep inspiring me to brave a campout with the 4, but we haven't actually done it yet. Your boys are so cute! And look at Jonas standing in his pack n play! How fun! I love when babies get to that point - sitting and standing against large objects.