Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Small Moment of Brotherly Bliss

Well I wish I could say we had more of these "moments" but we don't. But this was really sweet and I had to capture proof of it on the camera. Miles was actually real nice to Jonas and let him on the chair with him - and Miles even read to him some of his books. It was so darn cute. Too bad it lasted like 2 minutes and then Miles was back to his normal self: trying to sit on Jonas, trying to push him off the chair, etc. Jonas, I think, is getting to be quite leary of Miles now. Jonas used to watch Miles' every move with complete awe and admiration - but I think Jonas is now not so fond of his big brother. Frankly, I wouldn't be either! It makes me sad. I hear of other big brothers who just love and adore their little siblings, try to get them to laugh, etc. and I yearn for that. :) Maybe someday? But probably not? Actually, I think it will be Jonas who will be making us all laugh - including Miles. I think that will be his personality. But only time will tell. . .

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