Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sweet Sick Boy

Well I just talked about how sweet sick little boys are and now this week my sick little boy is Miles. Sad. He's running temps of 102-plus - he even managed to get up to 104 tonite! I'm not so happy about that (I called the Peds office, but was really told nothing much. But thank goodness for IBUPROFEN (not tylenol) as it totally kicked his fever and has made him not want to go to bed!!!) But Poor Kid. He gets so tired during his fever spikes and actually fell asleep yesterday morning on his chair while I was reading about Horton the Elephant. Then this morning he was spiking his temp again and so I gave him some tylenol (we didn't have motrin yet) and then put him on his chair for a mid-morning nap (he wanted to - I guess he forgot how he fell off it yesterday and wasn't so excited about that!). I think it's really cute. I hate that the boys get sick, but it is so nice to just hold them - I love it! Hopefully he'll get better soon. Although I shouldn't be surprised - remember Newton's Law of Mommyhood????? Yes, I am suppose to work this Friday and Saturday and nite. I am pretty sure Miles has a sore throat because he keeps complaining about his mouth hurting - although he also tells me his armpit hurts (that's where we take his temps!). I just hope it's a virus and not strep or anything like that. I know Miles is sick when I have to plead with him to eat Ice Cream!

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Kristen said...

Poor little Miles. That is so sad that he is sick. I hate it when kids are sick. I hope he gets better soon. And by the way.....love the pictures of the ice cream party. I'm glad it was a success. I bet you are the coolest neighbors on your block now. Everyone is so happy that you are their neighbors.