Friday, July 28, 2006

Tabula Rasa

So last nite Ben and I went to bed - mind you, we were pretty tired. We always are, I think. Jonas had awoken at like 10:15 - right when we were going to bed, of course - and was quite upset for some reason. I really hadn't seen him get that mad in quite some time (I should be the one upset, however, since he bit me the other day while nursing and I am still VERY sore from it!) Anyways, I finally gave in, fed the poor lad, and put him back to sleep. So we hopped into bed a few minutes before 11. Before this, though, we had decided to section off the washer/dryer part of our house and have Wilson stay there to sleep (Three's a company in our room and Four is driving me CrAzY). I knew Wilson would not be too keen on it. So, like I said, we got in to bed and within 2 minutes (if not shorter!), Wilson started whining. He whined about every 2-3 minutes. After about 10 minutes of this I leaned over to Ben and asked him what he thought we should do. I, of course, woke him up! He had no idea that Wilson had been whining - and remember he started whining within 2 minutes of us getting into bed! I don't get it. He can fall asleep in like 30 seconds - while I usually am up for at least 10 minutes before falling to sleep. It baffles me and makes me jealous. Is this a gender thing? Do all men fall asleep super fast (ummmm, tabula rasa????), while women take a while? I'm not sure. But this is definitely not the first time I've been amazed that Ben is already soundly sleeping - not just sleeping, mind you, but very soundly sleeping. Wow.

p.s. Another random thought - So when a cookie recipe says how many cookies it makes, does it take in to account the dough-eating factor? I doubt it, but I think it should.

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erin said...

c definitely falls asleep fast, but he doesn't sleep well once he's out. i, on the other hand, take only 2-3 minutes and once out, i'm out. c wakes up anywhere from 5-10 times a night. so maybe it is a guy thing, but i don't know. and i doubt the cookie thing. how much dough did you eat?!