Thursday, August 31, 2006

a Big day

So we had a fun day - a little bit off the usual and so that is good! We started it off by watching the WM truck come and pick up a dump box that has been parked across the street from us. It was real exciting - especially for a 2 1/2 year-old truck-lovin' boy.

Next I babysat for 2 other kids - Sydney and Easton. Sydney is about 3 months older than Miles and Easton is about 4 months older than Jonas. We had a good time. Everybody basically just did their own thing. Sydney and Miles enjoyed the playdough - Miles was grilling chicken and Sydney was making "nooooooddles." I'll get to babysit them every other Thursday and so I am sure we will all become bosom buddies.

When Ben got home from work Miles got to pick out a "prize" from the prize box. We started this chart awhile ago and when Miles does something good (not every time), he gets a sticker on the chart. Then with his 10th sticker he gets to go to the "prize box" and pick out a new toy. I went to the Dollar Store yesterday and got 5 different toys. Miles pick today - a flying helicopter thing. He absolutley loved it and we had a lot of fun with it - until, ummmm, I broke it! Miles totally forgave me and I promised to get him a new one tomorrow!

Then we decided to go on a family bike ride. So we loaded the kids in the bike carrier - with both of them crying. I'm not sure why - Miles broke down for some reason and perhaps Jonas was a little frigthened of being "alone" with Miles. :) But we consoled them and actually had a great ride! I was in the back to monitor the actions of Miles versus Jonas - I only needed to intervene a
couple of times and so I count that a big success!

We rode to a park by our church and had fun playing there. We fed Jonas some "lasagna with meat sauce," but known by those who know better as "Clown Make-Up." He really fits in with looking like a clown. I really think he's going to be the "clown" in our family. I mean that in a good way! He's just always doing silly things to make others laugh - it's so fun. He just loves to have fun and laugh.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jonas' First Haircut

So this past week I've wondered if Jonas has an ear infection or if he's teething - due to some increased fussiness, pulling at his ears, etc. But perhaps it was just his long hairs hanging down over his ears! So I decided to give him his first haircut - well, more like his first hair snippet. I cut one side a little too short and the other side just right. With practice hopefully I'll get better! Let's hope snipping his hair will stop his fussiness and that he won't wake up crying for a couple of hours during the nite - but, for some reason, I doubt it. :(

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rain Jackets

For some reason Miles gets so excited when I ask if he wants to wear his rain jacket. It's cute. We've been getting afternoon/evening rainstorms that have been nice. We haven't gotten too much rain, but it does cool down the air a bit. That's Ben wearing my "new" (garage sale) rain jacket and getting the corn ready to grill. And, ummmm, Ben wonders why Miles' favorite color is always "pink." Go figure - apparently Miles' mom AND his dad both really like pink. . .

Thursday, August 17, 2006

When Jim and Diana came over they took some photos for us. I tried to post a few more, but my computer is just so slow and the connection is not really good - so I didn't. Thanks again, Jim and Diana, for the pictures - we really love them.

Here is an update on the family:

Wilson -- he ran out of food early Sunday and so he is quite hungry.

Jonas (8 months) -- he loves to stand on everything; it's all he wants to do. He still does the "worm" crawl and is quite expert at it. I did see him do a few real actual crawl steps yesterday and today. He has become quite fussy with meal time and nap time - blah! He hates chunky food. At my mom's house he wasn't too excited about it, but at least ate it. Well here I bought some different brand and it is way chunkier - he gags and even barfed once. We've started giving him "cereal puffs" (i.e. expensive cheerios), but he doesn't even try to eat them. When I put them in his mouth, he just either forgets about it or gags. I don't remember Miles being this opposed to food?

Miles (almost 2 1/2)-- he went to nursery yesterday without screaming or crying. We went over to some friends house yesterday and he pushed Luke (2) down twice. He really liked the "sticky popcorn" they had (i.e., caramel popcorn). Today we went to the park and he was climbing the really tall and steep ladder/stairs for the slide - well, ummmm, he fell off about 2/3 of the way up. How do we survive to our 80s???? He cried and cried and got a little bruise on the side of his face - how lucky were we!? I made him go back up - he wouldn't climb, but let me hold him while we went up together. So we slid down the slide and then finished up having a great time at the park. He's got one CrAzY imagination - I LOVE it.

Ben -- did a great job of doing all my "to-do" items when he was here and I was in Utah! He likes to take the 2 boys out in our little bicycle carrier thingy - too bad Miles can't contain himself from picking on Jonas and so they usually have to come back earlier and with a crying Jonas. He absolutely LOVES his job as a nurse and is really excited about the prospect of being a nurse for the next 40 years. Or, ummmm, something not even close to that.

Emily -- is trying to recover from working Friday and Saturday nite and getting sub-optimal sleep on Sat. and Sun. I had a completely confused and mean patient both nites that kept me extremely busy - I am pretty sure he swore at me in his gummy (his dentures were out) Spanish. Whatever. He finally went to sleep after being awake for over 36 hours straight - after I gave him 1 vicodin, 1 ativan, and 10mg ambien (not all at once, mind you - but within 6 hours). That would have made me sleep FOREVER and never wake up again - at least in this world. Anyways, my goal is to have more than ONE girl participate in my YW lessons. Yeah, good luck to me.

Okay, that's it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Provo Half

So here we are finishing up our half-marathon - wahooo! Although you can't really see me, I did run it and I did finish it - promise! My sister and I ran this same race 2 years ago and I think we beat our old time by like 30 seconds. Nice. It was a really awesome race - it's just so beautiful running down the canyon and it's fun to run it with my sis. I loved it. But I also loved the fact that now I am done "training" for it - whoppeee!

Here I am with my "li'l" cheering squad - they were great! My mom, Ben, Miles, and Jonas were all there to greet us at the end. Jonas was real glad to see me. Miles was real glad to eat my pancakes and other "treats." It was a fun morning spent in Provo - after the race Ben and I drove around the campus and our old "stompin' grounds" before heading home. Those were some good days back there in Provo. . .

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Highlights of Week One in Utah

Well we've been in Utah since Tuesday and have been very busy - but having a great time! It's always good when surrounded by beautiful family and friends - and mountains, too! We love it all. So here are some of the stuff we've been up to while here. . .

On Wednesday we went hiking to Donut Falls - something we do every time we come to Utah. My dad came with us and we had an excellent time! We just love being up in those beautiful mountains. Miles and Jonas had a great time, too. Afterwards we had a little picnic - we were joined by 2 obese chipmunks. My dad helped them in their obese-ness by feeding them some of our bagels. How nice.

Thursday was spent in the Paul F. and Shanna P. wedding festivities. It was so wonderful to be in the Salt Lake Temple and witness such a great event. It was quite reminiscent of our wedding - pre-wedding dinner at the Lion House, marriage ceremony at the SL Temple, reception that nite, etc. It was great and the couple was ever so dashing.

The big activity for Friday was the Zoo. Miles' favorite animal this time was the Zebra. I don't know why - it's just what he said when asked what his favorite animal was. He also loved the train ride. A fun time had by all.

Saturday morning Ben got up with me a little after 5 am and we headed up to Snowbird - the ski resort. I then ran down while my wonderful husband biked down - all the way to my folks' house. 12 miles in preparation for the 1/2 marathon next week. Ben hardly had to pedal as it was basically all down hill - I was very glad for the company and we had a pretty good time. But my quads are now definitely feeling the effects of downhill running. AIYIYI. Anyways, later that day Miles and Jonas enjoyed playing in the tiny kid pool in the backyard. Miles, of course, loves everything about water and so had a great time! Jonas really got into it, too, and splashed around for quite a while. This is what happened to his hair post-pool. It used to stick up on it's own, but is a little longer now and doesn't. But with a little help from me, we got it all up and nice again! It's my mom's favorite hairstyle for Jonas and so I thought I would do it for her. Turns out I quite like the do! Anyways, that's our week! (p.s. Jonas pulled himself up all by himself with not an ounce of help from anyone! he's getting so big!!!!)