Thursday, August 31, 2006

a Big day

So we had a fun day - a little bit off the usual and so that is good! We started it off by watching the WM truck come and pick up a dump box that has been parked across the street from us. It was real exciting - especially for a 2 1/2 year-old truck-lovin' boy.

Next I babysat for 2 other kids - Sydney and Easton. Sydney is about 3 months older than Miles and Easton is about 4 months older than Jonas. We had a good time. Everybody basically just did their own thing. Sydney and Miles enjoyed the playdough - Miles was grilling chicken and Sydney was making "nooooooddles." I'll get to babysit them every other Thursday and so I am sure we will all become bosom buddies.

When Ben got home from work Miles got to pick out a "prize" from the prize box. We started this chart awhile ago and when Miles does something good (not every time), he gets a sticker on the chart. Then with his 10th sticker he gets to go to the "prize box" and pick out a new toy. I went to the Dollar Store yesterday and got 5 different toys. Miles pick today - a flying helicopter thing. He absolutley loved it and we had a lot of fun with it - until, ummmm, I broke it! Miles totally forgave me and I promised to get him a new one tomorrow!

Then we decided to go on a family bike ride. So we loaded the kids in the bike carrier - with both of them crying. I'm not sure why - Miles broke down for some reason and perhaps Jonas was a little frigthened of being "alone" with Miles. :) But we consoled them and actually had a great ride! I was in the back to monitor the actions of Miles versus Jonas - I only needed to intervene a
couple of times and so I count that a big success!

We rode to a park by our church and had fun playing there. We fed Jonas some "lasagna with meat sauce," but known by those who know better as "Clown Make-Up." He really fits in with looking like a clown. I really think he's going to be the "clown" in our family. I mean that in a good way! He's just always doing silly things to make others laugh - it's so fun. He just loves to have fun and laugh.


erin said...

is that truck thing a boy thing? weird. but i do remember him getting excited about fire trucks--that was funny. and glad there were no punch-outs in the bike trailer.

Niederfam said...

CUTE!! A big success with the bike trailer, well done....were off to Jackson this weekend, and I"m sure Preston wishes he could be riding part of the ride in a trailer himself!!! More later...:)