Saturday, August 05, 2006

Highlights of Week One in Utah

Well we've been in Utah since Tuesday and have been very busy - but having a great time! It's always good when surrounded by beautiful family and friends - and mountains, too! We love it all. So here are some of the stuff we've been up to while here. . .

On Wednesday we went hiking to Donut Falls - something we do every time we come to Utah. My dad came with us and we had an excellent time! We just love being up in those beautiful mountains. Miles and Jonas had a great time, too. Afterwards we had a little picnic - we were joined by 2 obese chipmunks. My dad helped them in their obese-ness by feeding them some of our bagels. How nice.

Thursday was spent in the Paul F. and Shanna P. wedding festivities. It was so wonderful to be in the Salt Lake Temple and witness such a great event. It was quite reminiscent of our wedding - pre-wedding dinner at the Lion House, marriage ceremony at the SL Temple, reception that nite, etc. It was great and the couple was ever so dashing.

The big activity for Friday was the Zoo. Miles' favorite animal this time was the Zebra. I don't know why - it's just what he said when asked what his favorite animal was. He also loved the train ride. A fun time had by all.

Saturday morning Ben got up with me a little after 5 am and we headed up to Snowbird - the ski resort. I then ran down while my wonderful husband biked down - all the way to my folks' house. 12 miles in preparation for the 1/2 marathon next week. Ben hardly had to pedal as it was basically all down hill - I was very glad for the company and we had a pretty good time. But my quads are now definitely feeling the effects of downhill running. AIYIYI. Anyways, later that day Miles and Jonas enjoyed playing in the tiny kid pool in the backyard. Miles, of course, loves everything about water and so had a great time! Jonas really got into it, too, and splashed around for quite a while. This is what happened to his hair post-pool. It used to stick up on it's own, but is a little longer now and doesn't. But with a little help from me, we got it all up and nice again! It's my mom's favorite hairstyle for Jonas and so I thought I would do it for her. Turns out I quite like the do! Anyways, that's our week! (p.s. Jonas pulled himself up all by himself with not an ounce of help from anyone! he's getting so big!!!!)


The Crazy Tiltons said...

I love Jonas's hair. It made me smile. I finally figured out that I think he looks like Ben's dad. I've actually thought that for awhile, but haven't told you. We were just in CA, so I'll give you a call one of these days.

Kristen said...

You are so great for running a half marathon! Way to go Emily!! I've been wanting to do something like that......maybe someday..... Anyway, haven't blogged for awhile.....we are on our way to Chicago. Moving... hmmm.