Saturday, September 30, 2006


So we had a great time in Yellowstone. Here are some of our pictures showing what we did:

This is us just getting into Grandpa's "cabin." It was coooold. BRRRRRRRR. Notice me in my coat, Diana wrapped up in blankets, and Jonas the Rednose Baby.

We bought this swing way back in New York but never found a place for it. So we brought it up to Mack's Inn and set it up. The boys just LOVED it!

One of our favorite things to do up in Mack's it to go to Big Springs. It's just a beautiful place and the water is as clear as you can get it. And the fish are enormous - we saw about 1-2 dozen fish, about 18 (?) inches long or so. We also saw a few muskrats and ducks. We did a very scientific experiment and concluded that the fish will not eat bread - but the other animals will. The fish will now only eat the "fish" food you can buy at the little vending machine there. Crazy - when I was a wee lad the fish gobbled up all of our old, stale bread.

We also did a lot of "hanging out" around the cabin. With Miles' help I built a little fire in the fire pit and we enjoyed roasting hot dogs and making smores.

We spent a full day at Yellowstone. I really love that place - I think it's just beautiful and so interesting. And what were the little boys' impression of the Park? Well let's just say I think their favorite aspect of Yellowstone was the yummy ice cream they got at the Old Faithful Lodge. :) They did great, though, and are such good troopers!

Our last day there was rainy and a little cool. But Ben talked me in to still going ahead with our plan of going canoeing. So we rented the canoe (the guy at the rental place gave us a discount b/c he felt bad we were going on such a poor day!) and had a fabulous time! It was so enjoyable and absolutely beautiful. We saw quite a lot of large fish, a school (preschool probably) of hundreds of tiny fish, and 2 eagles. It was neat. It only started pouring rain the last 5 minutes of the trip and so that was good. We had a really, really good time. I have to thank Jim and Diana again for their Babysitting Services. They were so willing to watch the kids for us and let us go out together. One of my favorite things we got to do up there was going running every morning. I loved it because 1. It was brisk outside - about 30 degrees (perfect running weather!), 2. We ran on dirt trails in the forest (so much better than car-congested roads!), and 3. I got to run with an awesome running partner - Ben.

So it was a fabulous time and we are glad we got to go and are also really glad that Jim and Diana came up there with us. The more the merrier, right? We thought so!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

i'm baaaaaAAAAck. .

so i finally made it back to montrose colorado - too bad my camera plug-in thing didn't make it back. so i'll have to post my pictures and talk about the trip when my folks mail the plug-in thing to me.

but one thing we did after yellowstone was go to a BYU football game on saturday. it was sooo awesome and super fun. it was the longest i've ever been apart from my kids - except working during the nites of course. but the longest i've been apart from them during the day. my sis asked if i missed the boys and my response: "no." is that mean, bad of me? i don't know. but really i was only gone from them for like 6 hours. i did think about them a whole lot - like when we saw toddlers in front of us wanting to leave the game and kicking their moms, and when the little baby behind us kept crying out. so, ummm, no i didn't miss them that much! i still LOVE them and all that good and gooey stuff, but it was a good break for me - and ben, too, i think.

it brought back a whole slew of memories. they were all good memories, but made me sad. why? i'm not sure. it's just sad that that part of my life is over - it really was one of my favorite parts of my life thus far.

at the game i was reminded of my freshman year - when i attended lots of football games. i remember you, Rebecca, working at the games with your bright orange jacket - right? i think that was you! you'd have to stay after the games and clean up and all that fun stuff. but you also got to go to the games for free - if i remember correctly.

we sat about 10 rows behind the band and so i thought a lot about my first byu roommie - debs. i remember all the practices you had to go to and how much you really did LOVE byu. i still hope you have good memories of your years there.

on the way back home ben and i were talking about byu - who were all my roommates, etc. it was hard trying to remember when - not who - people lived with me. crazy. but i had such good times there.

i miss waking up early (like 5am) to go to the gym and then come back and get ready for my classes. i really, really, really loved being a student. i really, really, really miss it. i don't think i'd like to do it full-time again, but just to be on campus and to learn and study - ooooohhh, that sounds so nice. i feel like i was so productive with my days back then. this whole stay-at-home thing is harder than what i was prepared for. it sounded, ummmm, more glamorous in YW! :) i absolutely love being a mom - but even a job you love gets hard after 24-7, nites, weekends, holidays, and vacations.

i guess somedays i just wish and yearn for those more selfish days - when i lived for myself. but, really, i guess there is no point in that. i worked with this one gal back in GJ who never had any kids and i felt really awful for her - she had NO ONE. and i'd much rather have snotty, stinking, no-saying, sleepfull night-wrecking, crying, demanding, trying boys than no one - ANYDAY.

so what does this all boil down to? just that after 10 months i really, really, really, really wish i could count on jonas to sleep through the nite - or even to 5am. that's all. i'm just getting tired and cranky. . .

Thursday, September 14, 2006

keys schmeeze

so my sister brought up a good point in her comment on my last blog: that about me locking myself out ofof the house not too long ago. she's right - i've locked myself out NUMEROUS times in the past year or two. it's rather humiliating, but true - i've probably locked myself (and usually the kids, too!) out of either my car or my house at least a 1/2 dozen times in the past couple years. hmmmmm, what has changed in my life in the past 2 years. exactly - KIDS. i once heard someone comment that she'd lost brain cells with each of her kids. back then i didn't have kids and so i just laughed it off. but now. . .

i have to agree. i've never felt so spacey in my life. old-age ain't lookin' so good for me - neither is having more kids! anyways, enough about me getting stupider. . .

so i just finished watching survivor and i'm so happy it's back on! i really love the show. it's the ONLY show that ben and i watch. it's too bad that ben had to go out on elder quorum visits, but i'll fill him in. so it's kind of early but i'm cheering for the asian team. i just like them - even cao boi ("cowboy"). maybe i'll try that headache thing on my husband sometime - ha! i find the divison of tribes racially interesting. i don't think there is a single thing wrong with it. what i found most interesting in the first episode is stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. but even more interesting is that the white group wasn't stereotyping about the black group or the asian group - each group was stereotyping about themselves. am i making sense (remember the loss of brain cells that have occured)? i just don't think people should get upset over most of the stereotypes that are out there. because, for the most part, they are a pretty accurate representation. anyways, go asians!

so i'll be gone from the blogging/internet world for awhile. we leave tomorrow for yellowstone. we're staying at my folk's house on friday and then head up to yellowstone and will stay there for a week. ben's parents will meet us there. i'm soooooooo excited. it's going to an awesome vacation! we'll be out in the "great outdoors" and it's suppose to be perfect-emily weather -- upper 50s for the high and upper 30s for the low. LOVE IT.

so to all my million adoring fans, you'll have to wait a week or so until i get back from yellowstone - unless, of course, i lose the keys in yellowstone and a buffalo eats them. then you might not hear from me for a little longer. . .

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We took this picture yesterday of Jonas on our bed wearing Miles' sweat pants. Miles thought he looked like Santa. But Ben and I think, due to his ears, he looks more like an Elf. A Very Cute Elf, of course!

So I had a crazy morning today! I worked Sunday nite and got about 3 hours of catch-up sleep Monday - divided between 2 naps. Then I worked 1/2 a shift last nite - getting home and in bed by 2am. But at least I got 5 hours of sleep.

So we all got up at 7am - well, Miles was probably awake before that, but he just hung tight in his bed until I got up. What a kid! We had some breakfast and then I wanted to get out and exercise because I'm a much happier person when I do. So I loaded the kids into the bike carrier thingy and took them for a jog - it converts into a stroller thingy. The run was awesome and I just loved it - the kids love it, too, because at the end of my run - near our house - is a home that has some animals. So we always stop and the pigs came oinking over to see us. They are little pigs and are so darn cute! I really love them. The calf and the sheep came over to say "hi" too. We had fun watching them - especially when the pony started chasing the pig around. Fun times were had by all of us!

We then got home and I tried to put Jonas down for his morning nap. About 20 minutes later (about 9:20), Jonas was crying - I don't think he ever fell asleep. Well I had scheduled a Doctor's appointment, for my eyes, for 9:30am but wasn't planning on going since I didn't line up a babysitter or anything. But since Jonas wasnt taking a nap, I thought, alright we're ALL going to the eye docs.

So I tell Miles to get his shoes on (thanks goodness for payless-version "crocs" which Miles can put on by himself) and scoop up Jonas from his crib in the closet. We then all rush out to the car and I throw my water-bottle, paperwork, and keys in the front. Well I accidently closed the door - which was locked and which my keys were inside the car! So now I'm locked out of my car. So we all ran to the back of the house - but no such luck, I'd locked the back door. But, alas, our bedroom window just had a screen on it, so I popped it out. Then I put Jonas in, then Miles, then I climbed in. I then ran around the house and finally found the botton-key thingy for the car. Yeah! So we got the car unlocked, kids loaded, and drove to the doctors.

Well I knew the only way I'd manage 2 kids in there was if Jonas was kept in his car seat. So I had to undo the whole seat-belt set-up and take Jonas and car-seat and Miles in the office. The 2 boys did pretty well in there. The waiting room had some fun toys for Miles, and Jonas and I enjoyed a couple rounds of peek-a-boo.

Then once inside the room we had to wait awhile. Thank goodness I thought of glove-ballons. They kept Miles entertained for a bit. I gave Jonas one to play with but then didn't think it was such a good idea as he kept trying to bite it. So I had to take it away from him. Well the poor boy didn't like that and he let me know it. And, of course, the doctor walks in at that moment. But he came to the rescue with a flourescent-colored walking, talking PIG. Perfect.

So we do all the stuff and he asks to dilate my eyes - he told me it'd be real quick. Yeah right. He puts that stuff in my eyes and then leaves for like 10 minutes. But the pig was a real hit and so we made it through the appointment.

Then upon leaving the secretary hands me these really cool "sunglasses" to help my eyes because of the dilation. So I walk out to the car in these great sunglasses with one kid struggling to hold his ballons, and another kid rocking awkwardly as I try to carry him in his car-seat. I get Miles in his seat and then struggle for 10 mintues as I get Jonas' car seat put back together. All the while my glasses kept falling down and I was getting blinded by the light.

So ONE and a HALF HOURS later we head back home! Gosh! To reward oursevles we stopped at McDonald's for 50 cent ice cream cones. Yummmmm, that made the whole trip worth it! The kids are now fed and resting in bed - and I will soon be joining them. . .

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pony-tails and Horns

First of all, I did not instigate this in any way, shape, or form. I don't know what Ben will think of me posting these pics cuz he wasn't such a fan of it and it actually kind of caused an arguement between us! He wasn't upset about it until we were going to go to some co-worker's garage sale and I thought it would be just fine to leave Miles' pony-tails in (I did take Jonas' out because, one, he wasn't really having fun with it. And two, it's already hard for people to tell if he's a boy or girl anyways). Ben, ummmm, felt otherwise. He started quoting lines from the Proclamation on the Family about gender indentity. I absolutely LOVE the Proclamation, but come on? I don't think Miles was putting pony-tails in his hair because he wanted to be a girl. In fact, he was calling himself "Ferdinand" and his pony-tails were instead "horns." (We have a book about a bull named Ferdinand - a bull, hence a BOY). So we sat in the car with Miles' pony-tails - or horns - still in. Luckily for Ben the garage sale was closed up for the day!

So I don't know? Was I wrong in letting Miles go to a garage sale looking like that? I mean, I wouldn't take him to church like that. Or am I just a girl thinking it was a pretty cute and totally harmless thing to do?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Response to e

So you have to read my sister's blog first to understand my blog. Here is a quick link to her blog page: http://grandpreghetto.blogspot.com/. The blog I am responding to is titled, "One Size Fits All...Or Does It?"

So the great question - does one size fit all? YES, well. . . almost. Erin talked about the 12 milion people in our church, but I will venture to not only include the 12 million people of our church, but the billions of people Everywhere. How can one size really fit that many people???? Well the world is full of people - all kinds of people: fat, thin, tall, short, black, white, nice, mean, etc. There are so many differences - yet there are so many similarities, too. Perhaps even more similiarities than differences if we really took time to think about it. And the biggest and most significant similarity we have? Children of God.

I bring this up not to sound too preachy, but because it's true and it needs to be brought up to answer the question of one size fitting all. I'm a mother of only TWO. In the 9 months that I've been this mother of two I've seen incredible differences in my two boys. Not only in their physical appearances, but also in their personalities. Yet with these differences there are similarities too. Just today I was writing in my "Words of Wisdom" book (yes, erin, i really do use that book you made me!) that Jonas clapped his hands for the first time today. I then looked back and saw that Miles, too, had clapped his hands for the first time right around his 9-month old mark. Just one of the similarities they have. I also have seen how the same toys and the same developmental tasks have made both of my boys happy.

Likewise our Father in Heaven knows our similarities - the similarities that exist because we are all human. It doesn't matter that one is Asian and one is Ukranian - we all belong to humankind. And because of that there are similarities that are universal and one-size fitting all. When Heavenly Father came up with the Plan of Happiness I think He determined it based on what would, indeed, make us happy. And having a family is central to His Plan - because He KNOWS that will make us happy. He doesn't make a commandment for us that we have to eat Rich's Whole Wheat Bagels for the rest of our lives because it won't help Everyone progress and reach that state of happiness He desires for us. But he does command Everyone to "multiply and replenish the earth," i.e. to have a family, because He KNOWS that is what will help us progress and ultimately achieve happiness.

Are there exceptions to the rule? Of course there are - but they are such in the minority that Heavenly Father does not focus on them. When the Lord gave the commandment of "Thou shall not kill," he did not say that "thou shall not kill unless the name of the person to be killed is Laban by the hands of Nephi." But that was an exception to the rule. But a very small exception and one that is not for Everyone. So I guess how do we know if we are an exception to that rule? We receive a very big impression from our Heavenly Father, giving us a sure knowledge that we are one of the 0.001% of the population that does not fit that mold, or commandment, entirely.

So when the question was asked, "So then, what do people do who do not necessarily want these things," a very good point was brought up. It's that we don't Want these things. But, luckily for us, Heavenly Father KNOWS that we Need such things. Trust me, there are many hours - and perhaps even days - when I don't know how on earth motherhood can lead to happiness. But at those times I just have to have trust and faith that Somebody else does KNOW.

I mean we learn things in motherhood necessary for our development and salvation that would be difficult to learn elsewhere. Like having patience when your 2-year old tells you he wants the green granola bar, no the red one, no the green one, no the red one, no the green one. So you give him the green one and he screams for the next 15 minutes because he does NOT want to eat the green one! Or sacrificing your nice wardrobe because probably every shirt you own, if examined close enough, would have some spot of spit-up or other dirty gooey hand-print mark on it. Or long-suffering the first few months of your baby's life as you you endure those endless days (i.e., sleepless nites). Or submissiveness as you forgo many of your own dreams and desires and instead focus on your children's dreams and desires. And finally charity as you endure all these things and still have never loved anything more than your children.

So do we just "jump in and do it"? YES. Why? Because HE said so. And why does He say so? Because He KNOWS the way to happiness, we don't.

So, erin, what this all boils down to is: Just give my boys some Galbraith/Huband cousins someday! Love ya!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Today we headed out early to Ouray to get into the beautiful San Juan Mountains. We had a great day. We were actually able to do some real hiking, which doesn't happen too often with 2 little ones. But Miles and Jonas both went in the backpack carriers and did great! Jonas was called a girl twice by fellow hikers - and, noooooo, I didn't dress him up in my cute girl stuff! (But now I'm thinking I might as well since everyone thinks he's a girl. . . Ben wasn't too keen on that idea.) After hiking we went to a park in Ouray and ate our lunch and played around. Although Labor Day weekend is not the official end of summer, we are glad that summer is UNofficially over. Fall is THE BEST. After 4 1/2 years my husband has changed the errors of his way and now declares that fall, too, is his favorite season. (It used to be summer, but I think summer has fallen to maybe 3rd or even 4th on his list. How I married a man who originally claimed summer as his favorite season is beyond me. . . But I'm glad I did)

I know it doesn't look like it from here, but they really did have a good time. Jonas loved pulling at my hat and hair. And Miles kept saying that we were "trying to find Nemo." Needless to say we did not find Nemo in Ouray. Better luck next time, I guess.

This picture really doesn't do the mountains justice - they are so beautiful! This was the same hike that Ben and I did on our 1-year anniversary. A lot has changed since then. . .

Yes, I can see how some people may think my little Jonas is perhaps a girl. . . he's beautiful. (Don't worry Jonas, I'll stop calling you beautiful by the time you go to Kindegarten. By then I'll stick to "handsome.")