Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We took this picture yesterday of Jonas on our bed wearing Miles' sweat pants. Miles thought he looked like Santa. But Ben and I think, due to his ears, he looks more like an Elf. A Very Cute Elf, of course!

So I had a crazy morning today! I worked Sunday nite and got about 3 hours of catch-up sleep Monday - divided between 2 naps. Then I worked 1/2 a shift last nite - getting home and in bed by 2am. But at least I got 5 hours of sleep.

So we all got up at 7am - well, Miles was probably awake before that, but he just hung tight in his bed until I got up. What a kid! We had some breakfast and then I wanted to get out and exercise because I'm a much happier person when I do. So I loaded the kids into the bike carrier thingy and took them for a jog - it converts into a stroller thingy. The run was awesome and I just loved it - the kids love it, too, because at the end of my run - near our house - is a home that has some animals. So we always stop and the pigs came oinking over to see us. They are little pigs and are so darn cute! I really love them. The calf and the sheep came over to say "hi" too. We had fun watching them - especially when the pony started chasing the pig around. Fun times were had by all of us!

We then got home and I tried to put Jonas down for his morning nap. About 20 minutes later (about 9:20), Jonas was crying - I don't think he ever fell asleep. Well I had scheduled a Doctor's appointment, for my eyes, for 9:30am but wasn't planning on going since I didn't line up a babysitter or anything. But since Jonas wasnt taking a nap, I thought, alright we're ALL going to the eye docs.

So I tell Miles to get his shoes on (thanks goodness for payless-version "crocs" which Miles can put on by himself) and scoop up Jonas from his crib in the closet. We then all rush out to the car and I throw my water-bottle, paperwork, and keys in the front. Well I accidently closed the door - which was locked and which my keys were inside the car! So now I'm locked out of my car. So we all ran to the back of the house - but no such luck, I'd locked the back door. But, alas, our bedroom window just had a screen on it, so I popped it out. Then I put Jonas in, then Miles, then I climbed in. I then ran around the house and finally found the botton-key thingy for the car. Yeah! So we got the car unlocked, kids loaded, and drove to the doctors.

Well I knew the only way I'd manage 2 kids in there was if Jonas was kept in his car seat. So I had to undo the whole seat-belt set-up and take Jonas and car-seat and Miles in the office. The 2 boys did pretty well in there. The waiting room had some fun toys for Miles, and Jonas and I enjoyed a couple rounds of peek-a-boo.

Then once inside the room we had to wait awhile. Thank goodness I thought of glove-ballons. They kept Miles entertained for a bit. I gave Jonas one to play with but then didn't think it was such a good idea as he kept trying to bite it. So I had to take it away from him. Well the poor boy didn't like that and he let me know it. And, of course, the doctor walks in at that moment. But he came to the rescue with a flourescent-colored walking, talking PIG. Perfect.

So we do all the stuff and he asks to dilate my eyes - he told me it'd be real quick. Yeah right. He puts that stuff in my eyes and then leaves for like 10 minutes. But the pig was a real hit and so we made it through the appointment.

Then upon leaving the secretary hands me these really cool "sunglasses" to help my eyes because of the dilation. So I walk out to the car in these great sunglasses with one kid struggling to hold his ballons, and another kid rocking awkwardly as I try to carry him in his car-seat. I get Miles in his seat and then struggle for 10 mintues as I get Jonas' car seat put back together. All the while my glasses kept falling down and I was getting blinded by the light.

So ONE and a HALF HOURS later we head back home! Gosh! To reward oursevles we stopped at McDonald's for 50 cent ice cream cones. Yummmmm, that made the whole trip worth it! The kids are now fed and resting in bed - and I will soon be joining them. . .


erin said...

that is a nutso day, em. glad you were able to crawl in through the window. but isn't this the second time in a short time period that you've locked your keys in the car? maybe you should think about hiding a spare somewhere...love the pic of "santa."

Niederfam said...

OH good!!! I hope you treated yourself to an ice cream cone too!!!! And I can only imagine what a big hit the talking, walking pig would be.....GOOD THINKING with the blow up gloves!!! I hope you got a WELL deserved nap.......

erin said...

oh yeah. i failed to whine about not having 50-cent cones in DC. WAAAAH. ours our over $1.25 now. ridiculous!

Kristen said...

Okay...so I was laughing at this entry not only because it was a crazy day...but because I went to the eye doctor not to long ago and got my eyes dilated and I had to wear those funny glasses home. They are hilarious and I can only imagine them falling off. So did you wear them for the cashier at McDonalds. She probably thought you were the bomb if she did.