Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pony-tails and Horns

First of all, I did not instigate this in any way, shape, or form. I don't know what Ben will think of me posting these pics cuz he wasn't such a fan of it and it actually kind of caused an arguement between us! He wasn't upset about it until we were going to go to some co-worker's garage sale and I thought it would be just fine to leave Miles' pony-tails in (I did take Jonas' out because, one, he wasn't really having fun with it. And two, it's already hard for people to tell if he's a boy or girl anyways). Ben, ummmm, felt otherwise. He started quoting lines from the Proclamation on the Family about gender indentity. I absolutely LOVE the Proclamation, but come on? I don't think Miles was putting pony-tails in his hair because he wanted to be a girl. In fact, he was calling himself "Ferdinand" and his pony-tails were instead "horns." (We have a book about a bull named Ferdinand - a bull, hence a BOY). So we sat in the car with Miles' pony-tails - or horns - still in. Luckily for Ben the garage sale was closed up for the day!

So I don't know? Was I wrong in letting Miles go to a garage sale looking like that? I mean, I wouldn't take him to church like that. Or am I just a girl thinking it was a pretty cute and totally harmless thing to do?


rebecca said...

Nope, I'm with Ben on this one! Pony-tails are for girls. :) I think there's no harm in putting them in at his request because he wanted to be Ferdinand (love that book!) but in public - I wouldn't have taken him. Don't worry - I have a small collection of pictures of M wearing princess shoes (when he decides on his own to dress up like his sisters) and one pic of him in pink, flowery jammies (when I was apparently way behind in the laundry pile!)

Your pics are funny though. Good ones to hold on to for the future.

emily said...

hmmmm, interesting. now the great dilemma - do i tell ben that you agree with him???? just kidding. he'll be thrilled to know a "pro" mama was on his side.

erin said...

totally harmless, at least where miles is concerned, and in my opinion. the one ponytail can look girlish (or unicorn-ish) as can two. however, with miles having more than two, it just looks silly (in the funny way), which certainly doesn't imply girl for me. i'm all for it.

Niederfam said...

Sorry I'm with you on this one...and if Mitt didn't have a buzz cut I would definatley venture pony tails...Apparently I need to check out the book Ferdinand too!! He's TWO, and the proclamation quotes would have put me over the edge too, I can just see it!!!!! :)