Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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So you have to read my sister's blog first to understand my blog. Here is a quick link to her blog page: http://grandpreghetto.blogspot.com/. The blog I am responding to is titled, "One Size Fits All...Or Does It?"

So the great question - does one size fit all? YES, well. . . almost. Erin talked about the 12 milion people in our church, but I will venture to not only include the 12 million people of our church, but the billions of people Everywhere. How can one size really fit that many people???? Well the world is full of people - all kinds of people: fat, thin, tall, short, black, white, nice, mean, etc. There are so many differences - yet there are so many similarities, too. Perhaps even more similiarities than differences if we really took time to think about it. And the biggest and most significant similarity we have? Children of God.

I bring this up not to sound too preachy, but because it's true and it needs to be brought up to answer the question of one size fitting all. I'm a mother of only TWO. In the 9 months that I've been this mother of two I've seen incredible differences in my two boys. Not only in their physical appearances, but also in their personalities. Yet with these differences there are similarities too. Just today I was writing in my "Words of Wisdom" book (yes, erin, i really do use that book you made me!) that Jonas clapped his hands for the first time today. I then looked back and saw that Miles, too, had clapped his hands for the first time right around his 9-month old mark. Just one of the similarities they have. I also have seen how the same toys and the same developmental tasks have made both of my boys happy.

Likewise our Father in Heaven knows our similarities - the similarities that exist because we are all human. It doesn't matter that one is Asian and one is Ukranian - we all belong to humankind. And because of that there are similarities that are universal and one-size fitting all. When Heavenly Father came up with the Plan of Happiness I think He determined it based on what would, indeed, make us happy. And having a family is central to His Plan - because He KNOWS that will make us happy. He doesn't make a commandment for us that we have to eat Rich's Whole Wheat Bagels for the rest of our lives because it won't help Everyone progress and reach that state of happiness He desires for us. But he does command Everyone to "multiply and replenish the earth," i.e. to have a family, because He KNOWS that is what will help us progress and ultimately achieve happiness.

Are there exceptions to the rule? Of course there are - but they are such in the minority that Heavenly Father does not focus on them. When the Lord gave the commandment of "Thou shall not kill," he did not say that "thou shall not kill unless the name of the person to be killed is Laban by the hands of Nephi." But that was an exception to the rule. But a very small exception and one that is not for Everyone. So I guess how do we know if we are an exception to that rule? We receive a very big impression from our Heavenly Father, giving us a sure knowledge that we are one of the 0.001% of the population that does not fit that mold, or commandment, entirely.

So when the question was asked, "So then, what do people do who do not necessarily want these things," a very good point was brought up. It's that we don't Want these things. But, luckily for us, Heavenly Father KNOWS that we Need such things. Trust me, there are many hours - and perhaps even days - when I don't know how on earth motherhood can lead to happiness. But at those times I just have to have trust and faith that Somebody else does KNOW.

I mean we learn things in motherhood necessary for our development and salvation that would be difficult to learn elsewhere. Like having patience when your 2-year old tells you he wants the green granola bar, no the red one, no the green one, no the red one, no the green one. So you give him the green one and he screams for the next 15 minutes because he does NOT want to eat the green one! Or sacrificing your nice wardrobe because probably every shirt you own, if examined close enough, would have some spot of spit-up or other dirty gooey hand-print mark on it. Or long-suffering the first few months of your baby's life as you you endure those endless days (i.e., sleepless nites). Or submissiveness as you forgo many of your own dreams and desires and instead focus on your children's dreams and desires. And finally charity as you endure all these things and still have never loved anything more than your children.

So do we just "jump in and do it"? YES. Why? Because HE said so. And why does He say so? Because He KNOWS the way to happiness, we don't.

So, erin, what this all boils down to is: Just give my boys some Galbraith/Huband cousins someday! Love ya!


erin said...

that's fine. i understand we do things because He tells us to. that's basically what c and i concluded: obedience. but don't you think that being married or having kids might not bring everyone happiness? i don't know. maybe. (i really enjoyed this, em. thanks for taking the time.)

emily said...

gosh, erin, why do you make me have to think? i guess being married and having kids might not bring everyone happiness - but not b/c they were an exception to those commandments. i think it would be b/c they held on to their own selfish desires. so, yes, a totally selfish person probably would not find happiness in marriage or kids. but that does not mean the command to be married and have kids did not apply to them - it just means that because of their own selfishness they are preventing themselves from experiencing true happiness. does that make sense?

rebecca said...


Love what you wrote. Truly, motherhood is the perfect "calling" to learn patience, long suffering, selflessness and charity. It's what we do.