Saturday, September 30, 2006


So we had a great time in Yellowstone. Here are some of our pictures showing what we did:

This is us just getting into Grandpa's "cabin." It was coooold. BRRRRRRRR. Notice me in my coat, Diana wrapped up in blankets, and Jonas the Rednose Baby.

We bought this swing way back in New York but never found a place for it. So we brought it up to Mack's Inn and set it up. The boys just LOVED it!

One of our favorite things to do up in Mack's it to go to Big Springs. It's just a beautiful place and the water is as clear as you can get it. And the fish are enormous - we saw about 1-2 dozen fish, about 18 (?) inches long or so. We also saw a few muskrats and ducks. We did a very scientific experiment and concluded that the fish will not eat bread - but the other animals will. The fish will now only eat the "fish" food you can buy at the little vending machine there. Crazy - when I was a wee lad the fish gobbled up all of our old, stale bread.

We also did a lot of "hanging out" around the cabin. With Miles' help I built a little fire in the fire pit and we enjoyed roasting hot dogs and making smores.

We spent a full day at Yellowstone. I really love that place - I think it's just beautiful and so interesting. And what were the little boys' impression of the Park? Well let's just say I think their favorite aspect of Yellowstone was the yummy ice cream they got at the Old Faithful Lodge. :) They did great, though, and are such good troopers!

Our last day there was rainy and a little cool. But Ben talked me in to still going ahead with our plan of going canoeing. So we rented the canoe (the guy at the rental place gave us a discount b/c he felt bad we were going on such a poor day!) and had a fabulous time! It was so enjoyable and absolutely beautiful. We saw quite a lot of large fish, a school (preschool probably) of hundreds of tiny fish, and 2 eagles. It was neat. It only started pouring rain the last 5 minutes of the trip and so that was good. We had a really, really good time. I have to thank Jim and Diana again for their Babysitting Services. They were so willing to watch the kids for us and let us go out together. One of my favorite things we got to do up there was going running every morning. I loved it because 1. It was brisk outside - about 30 degrees (perfect running weather!), 2. We ran on dirt trails in the forest (so much better than car-congested roads!), and 3. I got to run with an awesome running partner - Ben.

So it was a fabulous time and we are glad we got to go and are also really glad that Jim and Diana came up there with us. The more the merrier, right? We thought so!

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