Wednesday, October 25, 2006


so nothing much has been happening here - just enjoying fall and all the activities that come with fall. we've been eating so much pumpkin stuff - from our home-grown pumpkins. :) we've had pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin quesadillas, pumpkin french toast, pumpkin cinnamon rolls (i sound like forrest gump's friend). anyways, we're loving it. so here are some random pics i've taken the past week or so:

these were taking at a pumpkin patch in town. a couple other families from the ward came and so we had a fun time. we took a hay-ride driven by a tractor and got some hot apple cider. yum.

fall brings out the vest in us. haha. maybe my mom will be the only one to appreciate the lame pun. but i just thought these boys were too cute to resist taking a picture. we were getting ready for a nice walk in the beautiful fall weather. LOVE IT.

this is some chair we just bought at some consignment place. it was homemade and cost us $5. i think it's real cute. the fabric is from our old window curtains (or window treatmetnts as my sister would call them) - the upholstery is not so nice and so we are going to try and re-upholster the chair with this fabric. pretty cute!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Britney Spears

so, yeah, we pulled a britney spears on wednesday. ben had the day off - since he is doing 4-10s - and we decided to drive up to twin lakes, colorado to check out some property we are interested in.

well we opted to drive two different routes there and back. it was a beautiful drive there (we drove through amazing snowy moutains and the neat town of aspen) but also took longer than expected - 4 hours. which wouldn't be so bad but we had to come home the same day - and, of course, we had 2 li'l ones with us.

anyways, by the time we had reached twin lakes and wanted to drive around the area and check out the lots, our kids had had enough. so to appease them we took them in the front seat with us. and it definitely did the trick - they absolutely loved it! mind you, we were only going like 10mph max. and there was only 1 or 2 trucks that we passed there. it was pretty fun. miles was totally "steering" and had a great time. jonas actually liked to just sit on ben's lap and stick his head out and stare at himself in the mirror!

lucky for us we are not hounded by the paparazzi. . .

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Collage Ala (play-)Mode

so playgroup was tuesday at my house - it was the first one we've had. and, all in all, it was just fine and dandy. of course there were moments of pushing, pulling, stealing toys, etc. - but what do you expect from four 2-year olds? but it's just fun to watch these kids and see how different they are. miles (2 1/2) was pretty quiet and did his own thing. luke (2) just wanted to get out in the muddy rain and visit our dog wilson. claire (2) was just cute, sweet, and nice. and sydney is the "boss" out of the group - she's the oldest (turns 3 in jan.) and i think she knows it! she's really adorable.

so for our little craft, i found an idea on familyfun.com. it was to make collages using contact paper and feathers, fuzzy balls, etc. so i set up the 4 pieces of contact paper on our kitchen wall and let the artists go to work. here they are:

so luke wasn't really interested in doing it at all. i gave each of the kids a little baggy full of feathers and such and he just threw his on the paper and was done with it. and he's the kid who has an artist for his mama! :)

this is claire hard at work. she enjoyed doing it and basically only used the feathers in her bag.

here is sydney showing off her beautiful artwork. a great collage i think!

and last but not least is miles. i found his truly interesting! and not just because i'm his mom. cuz really i thought sydney had the greatest collage! but miles', as you can see, was quite different from the rest. i showed ben and his comment was, "i wish i was more like that"! perhaps miles takes after his 2 grandpas and their need for perfection?! but it's not like he's this way with other things - like his room for example! anyways, it was interesting and i still don't know what to make of it. . .

so playgroup was pretty fun. and what did i learn from the kiddos at playgroup? that adults should be as forgiving to each other as 2 year-olds are. one minute they are pushing, the next they are giving hugs all around. :) too cute.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy October

Yeah! My FAVORITE month has finally arrived! I absolutely love October and am so glad it is here. We got about 12 pumpkins from our little garden and I saw the flower idea in a Martha Stewart. So I used our 2 smallest pumpkins and bought these flowers from Walmart for 25 cents each. (I ignored the lame walmart-worker's comment: "it's kind of late to be buying those," as she just walked on by me. well sure. but they were 25 cents, come on! and they've already lasted a week and so i think my 50 cents was alreday worth it for me. :)

I guess I'll do a little update on the Maxwell clan:

ben - he has realized he has a pretty good job after all - good hours and good co-workers. so he's content to stay where he is for now. he's starting to work 4-10s this month as a trial-schedule and so we'll see how that goes. he'll have wednesdays off. he got back into biking a little bit and has been enjoying that.

emily - i'll be hosting our first little "playgroup" tomorrow - i think there will just be four toddlers and jonas. we'll see how it goes. hopefully everyone will survive. i think i'll be able to get more of a set schedule at work by the end of this month - working every other friday nite and then a 1/2 shift every other thursday. i'll still pick up extras if i want to. i'm still running but it's too dark outside now at 6, so i have to go later - and with the 2 kiddos. it's pretty fun - not quite as peaceful, though!

miles - he's doing great. we got a freebie toddler bed from ben's co-worker last nite and he was soooo excited about it. as soon as we got home he wanted to take a nap on it. :) in fact, he wanted to do everything on it: sleep, eat dinner, read books, etc. he slept great last nite - no problems at all. the deal is if he gets out of bed he has to go back in the crib. it does the trick! he still has some issues with shoving, pushing, eye-gouging, taking toys away, etc. with li'l bro jonas. but jonas is quickly catching up in size and abilities and so, as i have warned miles, the tide will someday be changing. . .

jonas - awesome li'l buddy. he's getting his 3rd tooth now - his upper left. he slept until 4am today and that made me extremely happy. he is way into pointing up at the lights and the sky. he's also perfected his wave and will wave on-cue when he hears "hi" or "bye." he stands every once in a while on his own - the longest we've seen is about 15 seconds. he's a gabber, too. this morning on our jog he just didn't stop "talking." he kept pointing and talking - very loudly, too. it was hilarious.

that's all for now.