Friday, October 13, 2006

Britney Spears

so, yeah, we pulled a britney spears on wednesday. ben had the day off - since he is doing 4-10s - and we decided to drive up to twin lakes, colorado to check out some property we are interested in.

well we opted to drive two different routes there and back. it was a beautiful drive there (we drove through amazing snowy moutains and the neat town of aspen) but also took longer than expected - 4 hours. which wouldn't be so bad but we had to come home the same day - and, of course, we had 2 li'l ones with us.

anyways, by the time we had reached twin lakes and wanted to drive around the area and check out the lots, our kids had had enough. so to appease them we took them in the front seat with us. and it definitely did the trick - they absolutely loved it! mind you, we were only going like 10mph max. and there was only 1 or 2 trucks that we passed there. it was pretty fun. miles was totally "steering" and had a great time. jonas actually liked to just sit on ben's lap and stick his head out and stare at himself in the mirror!

lucky for us we are not hounded by the paparazzi. . .


erin said...

i want to chide you for doing this, but miles is just too dang cute! so no chiding for you!

rebecca said...

I agree with Erin! That was very very bad, but Miles is very very cute. :) David puts the kids on his lap now and then when he's backing his truck in or out of our driveway, so you're not alone in irresponable parenting. :) You, us and Britney.

Niederfam said...

Too funny!!! And desperate times call for despearate measures, I can only imagine....But just HOPE they don't remember and ask again and again and again.......:)