Wednesday, October 25, 2006


so nothing much has been happening here - just enjoying fall and all the activities that come with fall. we've been eating so much pumpkin stuff - from our home-grown pumpkins. :) we've had pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin quesadillas, pumpkin french toast, pumpkin cinnamon rolls (i sound like forrest gump's friend). anyways, we're loving it. so here are some random pics i've taken the past week or so:

these were taking at a pumpkin patch in town. a couple other families from the ward came and so we had a fun time. we took a hay-ride driven by a tractor and got some hot apple cider. yum.

fall brings out the vest in us. haha. maybe my mom will be the only one to appreciate the lame pun. but i just thought these boys were too cute to resist taking a picture. we were getting ready for a nice walk in the beautiful fall weather. LOVE IT.

this is some chair we just bought at some consignment place. it was homemade and cost us $5. i think it's real cute. the fabric is from our old window curtains (or window treatmetnts as my sister would call them) - the upholstery is not so nice and so we are going to try and re-upholster the chair with this fabric. pretty cute!

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The Crazy Tiltons said...

Cute, cute cute! Hey, I want the recipe for the pumpkin quesadillas. That sounds different, but yum.
Pumkin Out!!