Wednesday, November 08, 2006

getting some serious ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

so, yeah, i know i'm posting lots of blogs and they are really only photos of my kids, but i can't help it. i don't do anything exciting - except play with my kids. so that's what you're going to get! someday i'll post some witty and intellectual blogs, but i'm still waiting for those witty and intellectual moments to come my way. anyways, these pictures were just too funny for me to not put them on the blog.

miles' newest thing at bedtime is to ask: "mommy please close the door another way." interpretation: leave the door slightly opened. which is fine since it is so darn quiet once the kids go to sleep anyhow. but i ask ben to close it all the way when we go to bed so perhaps ben won't wake miles up in the morning with ben's walking on our squeaky floors. so ben went to close the door and, of course, stole a peek at our little boy. and this is what is came upon - he told me to come and check it out. i did and then ran and got the camera and took these 3 pictures - he didn't even stir when i took the pictures. i told ben to move him back to a normal position and i guessed miles twitched a little, but that was it. how cute. i was dying - it was pretty funny to me!

p.s. just for clarification for those of you who don't know - miles' head is smashed up against his little railing - put there so he doesn't fall out of bed. and, judging from the pics, he definitely needs it! (and, yes, the railing is torn, i need to fix it or buy a new one)


rebecca said...

Ha! I have about a thousand pictures of weird positions my kids have ended up sleeping in. They are just so funny, these little people who lives at our houses! Great pictures Emily! Isn't it amazing how they are able to sleep in such strange positions, and then sleep through our rearranging of them?

I love your posts. I am trying to post more pictures now because I have so much fun looking at yours!

Niederfam said...

I love it!! We just barely removed all of the sides around Mitt's toddler bed.....we'll he still has one small slat side, but the rest around all other available out options were removed. I think he must sleep in a similar pattern because his bed is completely destroyed upon exiting each morning. FUNNY!!! Oh well, at least they are sleeping and providing optimum quiet, right?? :)