Monday, November 06, 2006

Johnny Jump-Up-Date

yeah, confusing title. but i thought i would post some funny pics of the boys on the johnny jump-up and give an update. we found the jump-up as we were cleaning out our hall closet. jonas really loved it - and of course miles had to have his turn, too! it's fun. only we wish we had a better spot for it since the boys both get a little wild and crazy on it and tend to bonk their heads. oh well. it's not their first bonks and is far from their last.

so jonas is doing dandy. he started walking a couple of weeks ago - well taking steps. he's now really good at walking and tries to do it all the time without prompting. he can walk across a room now - but usually it's about 7-8 steps and then he plops on his bum and then crawls. it's so cute to see him walking! he would have weaned himself probably 2 months ago if he had his way - but, despite all my moaning and groaning about nursing, i wasn't ready. but now i've really started the weaning process and am down to only 3 feedings a day -it's nice. soon we'll be able to give him cow's milk and that will be fun - he's had sips of miles' and i think he'll like it. we'll see.

miles loves his halloween candy and does very well with the rule: one candy anytime before nap and one candy anytime after nap. "anytime" usually means within 5 minutes of waking up in the morning and from his nap! :) he gets soooo excited about choosing what piece of candy he wants. i brought a tootsie pop for him to suck on during sacrament (it took him like the whole time to eat it - my idea exactly!). there are 2 rules with suckers/lollipops: 1. you sit when you eat it and 2. no biting until it's real tiny. he probably asked me 2 dozen times during sacrament: "mom, is it tiny yet?" cute, cute. ben got some costumes from a gal at work and so miles dressed up in one of them this morning. what was he - i have no idea? but it was fun and i thought he looked hilarious. miles' favorite words: "really," "probably," and "actually." he uses them all the time and it is so hilarious. he tells jonas about all sorts of things: "jonas that's a chair," "jonas that's the moon." i love it!

now for the boring update: ben and me. ben actually (hmmmm, i wonder where miles gets his habits?) got a really good raise at work - cuz he's such a good nurse, much to his chagrin. (is that how you spell it? i'm not sure i even know what it means, but it sounds good, right?!). but he is enjoying his job as a nurse and is now even more motivated to do a good job. i think the surgery center realized how lucky they are to have him around - he really does a great job in the OR and the docs like him lots. plus, he's just a "nice guy." as for me? nothing really new. i mowed the lawn on saturday and that was quite enjoyable - it was my "break" from the kids - although miles watched me the whole time. i love how all my "breaks" include work: houseWORK, yardWORK, nurse-WORK. someday i hope to have a real break. i like real breaks. but, you know, i also like my non-kid work-breaks too. i'll take what i can get.

well that's it for now.


erin said...

pretty much my comments are all the same: these boys are sooooooo cute. probably. :)

erin said...

p.s. what is going on with miles's hair?!?

rebecca said...

I can't believe Jonas is already walking! How cute! I love those early wobbly steps. Can't wait for Madeline to hit that milestone. She's a crazy crawler though, she might never give it up!

I love that Miles is in the jumper! Does the thing actually support his weight?

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Niederfam said...

I LOVE Johnny Jump-ups!!! Unfortunatley Mitt wasn't a BIG fan, but I'm hoping Major will be!! Priceless little photo's I LOVE it.....and Jonas is SO little boy, not baby, he's getting so big, they both are, but "babies" change more......:)