Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last Meal

so I just thought it might be interesting for people to comment on 2 things here: 1. what your last meal was, and 2. if it really was your last meal, what would you choose?

so i'll go first.

1. my last meal was lunch and it consisted of a bowl of yogurt with sliced bananas in it, a strawberry nutrigrain, and 3 honey-wheat pretzel sticks. yum.

2. hmmmm, if i knew my meal was going to be my last, what would i do? hmmmm. would i choose something totally fattening b/c i don't really eat REALLY fattening things now? i wouldn't have to really worry about gaining weight or looking fat. that would be nice. hmmmm, still thinking. this is what i think it would be: a fresh, warm Rich's bagel; an ENTIRE bowl full of fresh, warm, gooey rice krispie treats; and A LOT of really good chocolate. yes, i think that would satisfy me. dang that sounds good. . .


rebecca said...

Ok, I'll play.

My last meal today was dinner. We enjoyed tender strips of chicken, marinated in a tangy Teryaki sauce . . . on sticks, heated up straight out of the box, purchased from a little place called Costco.

If I had to choose my last meal - I'd go with a chuncky blue cheese salad and a nice slab of meat, medium well. Preferably from Outback Steakhouse. And a fun smoothie drink - Mango Orange or something like that. YUM.

erin said...

my last meal was breakfast: a thing of strawberry yogurt.

my chosen last meal would definitely include emily's bowl of rice krispies, a box of hot tamales, and french toast? hmmm...i have to think about this more. yummm....food.

The Crazy Tiltons said...

My last meal was dinner last night. We had a yummy veggie potpie - homemade of course. It is quite tasty and really fills you up without a ton of calories.

If I were eating my last meal I think it would have to be sushi. I love sushi, but then again, I love a lot of things, so maybe a buffet of all the things I love to eat topped off by a huge bowl of Rocky Road ice cream. Rocky Roads the best, but really any chocolate ice cream would do.

Niederfam said...

Ok, me too!! But I'm only answering the first quetion, the other is much too difficult right now!! :) I had about 5 candy corn, brachs- candy corn, a coke, and half of a bagel, and YES, it was breakfast......SHOOT!!!! I'm so bad, this poor little child inside of me having to deal with the garbage I put into it!!!