Friday, November 17, 2006

Snow Bears

so last thursday we went up to the mountains to play in the snow. it was a lot of fun - until one of the boys would actually get snow in their faces or something. but they survived.

we don't have a sled - ben is working on building one from my old skis - and so we took a plastic storage bin. it worked out okay. miles' favorite part about the snow, however, is just . . .eating it. what a weirdo.

we had fun making snow angels, too. miles referred to himself and jonas as "snow bears" - the title of a book we got from the library. but by the way miles and jonas acted when a particle of snow touched their bare faces, i think a more apt name for them (for 2 reasons, i guess) is "snow babies." either way, they're SnOOOOw cute.


rebecca said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I love how resourceful you and Ben are - making a sled from your old skis? And using a storage bin in the meantime. So great!

Hey, and tell Miles I like to eat snow too!

emily said...