Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Why I am Thankful for my Day Job:

* It doesn’t require that I shower every day, or even every other day (!)
* I can sing real loud and real bad whenever I want to
* I don’t have to spend money on alarm clocks - although mine seem to be malfunctioning. One goes off at 5, but luckily I know how to get that to stop for a little while longer. The other goes off at 5:45-6am and doesn’t stop making noise until 7pm that nite - I need to get that one fixed.
* I get to be excited about airplanes flying over the house and the garbage truck coming in our backyard and the street sweeper coming down our road - I can even jump up and down when these events occur and I don’t get any funny looks
* I get to, ummm, stretch the truth about certain things in life - such as Santa really does has a list and checks it twice
* I get to be Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.
* I get to act like I know A LOT of stuff - and to a 2-year old and 1-year old, I probably do!
* I get to catch rolly-pollies again and play with them
* I get to play dress up with real-life baby dolls
* I can put a CD in and dance in the kitchen - all before 7am
* I have great running partners - although I need to remind one of them that to support me better on my runs he should stop saying, “Mommy can we go home now?” over and over and over and over. .
* I get to teach good, healthy habits and be reminded of them for myself
* I get to/have to stop and literally smell the roses
* I get to hear little baby-giggles and toddler-squeals throughout the day
* I get to play in the rain, the snow, the mud, the dirt, the fall leaves - and all in one day
* Even if I tell my “employers” that I quit, they take me back with open arms
* In every sentence I can throw in made-up-words and my kids won’t even know
* I get to read some of the best books ever written (and I get to read them over and over and over and over) - such as “Tacky the Penguin,” “Cowboy bunnies,” and “If you give a Moose a Muffin.”
* I get to give hugs and kisses all day long - even though my 2-year old has to “wipe off” all the kisses I give him
* I get to slide down slides again and swing on swings
* I have assistants on hand at all times: assistant chefs, assistant launderer, assistant dish washers, assistant pasta-maker - I mean pasta-eater, assistant walk around the house with a thing in your hand for hours, assistant mess-makers, etc. - and I don’t even have to pay them
* I can wear pajamas all day long
* Finally, nothing beats being called “Mommy" by Miles and "Mama" by Jonas. Nothing.


rebecca said...

Were you trying to make me cry?

Beautiful post Emily. I might need to make a list of my own. We ARE so blessed to be called "Mommy".

Niederfam said...

Why is it only your "day" job??? :0 KIDDING, I know it's a FULL TIME job, without weekend, and holidays, and time off for good behavior, but like you so eloquently reminded me, it definatley has it's PERKS!!!!! YES, we mommies have alot to be grateful for.