Sunday, December 24, 2006

And A Merry Christmas. . . Almost

Just a little note on the Eve of Christmas Day. We are all excited - Ben is busy finishing up some last-minute wrapping and I'm doing some cooking.

We did some fun things today - we made some homemade lumanarias and put them on our sidewalk. We delivered some gifts to friends. We also opened up our Christmas Eve Pajamas. I've decided that that will be a new Maxwell tradition - pjs each Christmas. And all from Old Navy, too! Man I love that place. Anyways, I am following after my mother's steps, and, yes, dressing my kids alike - at least for bedtime. But sometimes it's just too cute to resist. (Just wait, Erin, it will happen to you, too!).

We also had some not-so-fun times today. After we put the kids to bed Ben aptly summed up the day by saying, "I think that was the crankiest day for both our kids." And he's right. Hopefully a little of the Santa Magic will cure them - at least for a few hours.

Well, Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Nite. . .

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erin said...

merry christmas maxwells! jonas looks soooo much like you, em, in that first pic. i love the matching pj's. and i'm sure i'll do the same thing when i have a miles and jonas.