Monday, December 11, 2006

Built Ford Tough

so the weather here has been delightful - we got a huge snowstorm (huge for montrose) about 2 weeks ago. we maybe had about 10-12 inches in our front yard. we were all in snow-heaven. usually in colorado, though, the snow goes away pretty fast because it is so sunny here. however it's been record-breaking cold here the past 2 weeks and so the snow has stuck around. in fact, we're even getting more of it today. but the weather has gotten quite warmer - no more waking up to 0 degrees outside.

anyways, i really like running and really like it when i can get out every day. ben leaves for work between 6:30-6:45 and it's still pretty dark then - thus i don't like running by myself in the dark mornings. so miles and jonas get to come with me just about every day.

well i was real worried when it was cold outside because i wasn't sure i'd be able to take the kiddos. i knew i would be fine because, hey, i ran for months and months in NY - and that is what you call COLD WINTERS. but one day i decided i would try to take the kiddos in the stroller. so after about 30 minutes, literally, of getting everybody bundled up we headed out. i kept asking miles is he was cold and he kept replying, "no." i believed him - partly because i just believed him and partly because i wanted to believe him. but when we got home and i took their mittens off, their hands were totally warm (probably even warmer then they are when we are in our cool home!). so i was happy. luckily the double stroller has a "shield" thing i can put down and i think that is key - it really blocks the cool air from hitting them.

last week i dropped miles off at playgroup and really wanted to take jonas running - one less body to lug around. :) it was a beautiful, sunny day and slightly warmer. since the double jogger had several flat tires i decided i would go in the single jogger. the only prob with this one is that there is no shield thing. so i was a little worried about jonas getting cold - but apparently not worried enough to not go!

so we headed out and the poor little tyke. . . fell asleep. that's right. he fell completely, totally asleep. so i laughed to myself for worrying about him getting cold - these kids are much tougher than we think. and, true enough, they are also very fragile in some ways. but dang they can handle a lot more than we sometimes expect. and jonas was out - we were running over loud chunks of snow/ice, etc. and he slept the entire time. it was my first peaceful run in quite a while. i missed my "mommy can we go home" boy, though; and my "bubbbubbbub" boy, too. :) but i did relish in my quiet time.

so the next time some old lady that does not know me comes up to me and tells me my little Jonas needs a hat on, or a scarf, or socks, or shoes, or mittens - i'll simply tell them: His name is Jonas Ford Maxwell and he is Built Ford Tough.


rebecca said...

Seriously, you are amazing! Running through the snow with two boys in a stroller?! Great pics as usual.

And yeah, that lady lives here too - she always asks me "are all those kids yours, or is this a day care?"

The Crazy Tiltons said...

Good thing Jonas had a pink nose in the pictures. Otherwise, I would have been tempted to think he was frozen solid. They are tough kids though. Ellie just got her finger caught in a door and the top layer of skin taken off. After crying a minute, she started trying to pick off the loose layer. Definitely not her mother's daughter. I cry taking a band-aid off. How did I ever give birth?

Niederfam said...

I'm looking forward to returning to the gym without children, I made a neighbor DRIVE me about 3 blocks today because it was raining!!! And COLD in my defense. I'm obviously not built FORD tough, but I'm glad that you and the kiddo's are!!!