Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Ben

So yesterday was Ben's birthday and it was a very fun day - at least I thought so. We had decided to go skiing last week and was lucky enough to 1. get about 7 inches of new snow the day before, and 2. find a babysitter available in the morning. So Ben and I skied for about 1 1/2 hours just outside of town and had fun in the snow and together. We probably spent about 3/4 of the time skiing up-hill, 1/8 of the time skiing down-hill, and the last 1/8 was spent falling as we attempted to do tele-turns. Ben was way more successful than I was - but he still fell way more than I did, too! Anyways, that was awesome.

Then we came home and after the kids' naps we made gingerbread houses - or, rather, graham cracker houses. It was awesome. Poor Miles was sick all yesterday and had a fever of 103. But an hour after a dose of Ibuprofen and he was doing much better. He didn't really eat anything yesterday - except the candy from making our houses. It was pretty bad timing I guess since an hour after giving him the Ibuprofen we started the gingerbread houses - whatever. We all had fun doing this and I want to make it a yearly tradition of making gingerbread houses on Ben's b-day. Ben and I copied ideas from Martha Stewart for our houses and Miles did his own beautiful thing. :) (you can probably guess who the houses belong to!)

A while later we had dinner - a meal that Ben only gets on his birthday and/or Fathers' Day. Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie from Bisquick. Ben enjoyed it, Jonas ate it, I tolerated it, and Miles didn't touch it (but nor did he touch the chocolate cake). It was quite difficult getting THIRTY-ONE candles on one cake, but I did it. I had to mix-n-match candles and some were these crazy sparklers or something - wild!

It was an awesome day to celebrate an awesome guy's birthday!


erin said...

happy birthday ben! yeah for odd-numbers!

rebecca said...

My guesses:
1. Emily
2. Miles
3. Ben

Sounds like you guys had a great time celebrating. Happy Birthday, Ben. Emily, our husbands are so old - well into their 30's now! (David is 30.5)

P.S. Loved your "naughty" and "nice" list. Thanks for the GREAT picture. Did you just make a picture into a card and Snapfish it? Brilliant!

emily said...

you got it rebecca! :) and, yes, made a card and "snapfished" it.

Niederfam said...

Happy Birthday!! What a great way to celebrate the day!