Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Jonas

6:58 EST. One year ago this mommy and boy finally got to meet each other face to face - after hanging out "in the dark" for 9 months. It was a joyous encounter - one of them was happy to have Jonas in the world, the other wasn't quite so sure he wanted to leave his waterworld. But a year later we are all glad to have Jonas in our world. So we had to celebrate this one-year mark.

We started the celebrations with some yummy cupcakes. Unlike his big brother at his first birthday, Jonas was not too shy about getting his hands in it and eating it - good for him!

Then we started opening the presents. Luckily Big Brother Miles was there to help Jonas out. I definitely know who was more excited about the gifts: hands down Miles. It was cute. But Jonas enjoyed the new gifts - Miles just enjoyed them more.

This was one of my favorite gifts (I loved them all, though) - a new outfit for Jonas. I thought he looked soooo adorable in it. And it was just real fun to see Jonas in his own clothes - not hand-me-downs. Now do not get me wrong - I absolutely LOVE hand-me-downs and it is super fun to see Jonas is Miles' clothes and it has saved me a ton of money. None the less, it is one of only a handful of actual Jonas-clothes and it was just cute. He's just cute, what can I say????

Finally we ended the day in our birthday suits - luckily that only applied to Miles and Jonas. And it wasn't truly a full birthday suit, but to Miles he considered himself and Jonas as "NAAAAKEDDDDDDD" (they did have pants on). (I actually just took their shirts off since we were eating BBQ pizza.)

Anyways, it was a great day one year ago and a great day today. The most amazing thing that happened in the past year: a mama's heart that was completely full to the brim with love for Miles became overflowing with Jonas.


The Crazy Tiltons said...

So Cute!!!!

erin said...

happy birthday jonas! yeah for you.

Niederfam said...

Happy Birthday to Jonas!! Looks like the day was FUN!!

rebecca said...

Happy birthday Jonas! You are ONE now! And such a cute little guy.

Emily, you got me all teary there at the end. Isn't it amazing? It happens the next time, and the next time too.