Monday, December 18, 2006

Just for Fun

i just thought i would write a little on what's happening here with the kiddos. not much is going on with ben and me - although we both have gotten new callings. ben is the busy stake executive secretary - he's excited about it. and i just got called yesterday as the compassionate service leader - i'm excited about it, too. that's enough about us boring folk.

miles is getting more and more, ummmm (trying to think of a "nice" term) WILD. i've heard it usually is not the terrible 2s to be worried about, but rather the terrible 3s. only time will tell. but if the last week is telling me anything, it ain't so good. just kidding - kind of. miles is tons of fun and tons of work. i need to figure out how to better discipline him. but he is full of energy and is so fun to watch at play. he's really into making up words, such as: "i need to find my bonkaburlact." he says stuff like that all the time. he's not having any trouble in nursery anymore. i was so elated 2 weeks ago when the nursery leaders told me how sweet miles is and that he listens really well to them. that was deflated this week as i was told he was trying to push over cooper the entire time - too bad for miles that cooper is like a year older and way bigger! this morning was cute as he decided he wanted to carry his bunny in his "packpack." so i got one out for him, strapped it on, placed bunny in the back, and off miles went "hiking in the 'no." ('no - for snow). miles likes to not say the first letter of a lot of words - is that bad rachelle?????? such as: "reat" for "treat." i try to politely correct him and so sometimes he will OVER-correct and say something like "tAAAreat."

jonas is jonas. a little cranky and a lot of fun. he's so great to have around. he can say a few words - "bub" for bubble, "bal" for balloon, "boo" for peek-a-boo, etc. i love it! he really likes bubbles and balloons. santa terrifies him - well only if i make him sit on santa's lap i guess. he learn to love the jolly old gift-giving man someday!

the most exciting thing happening with the kids (in ben's and my opinion) is that they are now sharing a room! WAHHOOOOO. it's been about 10 or so days and it has gone soooooo well. the first nite we did it i had to go to YW, but ben heard miles say after a few minutes: "Jonas peeking!" (we put a sheet over the crib area so jonas can have some "privacy." or whatever you want to call it. bascially so the kids don't get too distracted by each other. when they are older i'll remove the sheet!). so ben went in the jonas was peeking out of the sheet - and absolutey LOVING it! he is so funny. jonas peeks like every nite - as soon as we put him in the crib and tuck miles in bed, jonas is already peeking out. so then we'll go over to him and jonas will turn around, start "running away" and flop down in his crib,and, yes, laugh - like he knows he shouldn't be doing what he's doing. it cracks me up every time - i love it! another nite miles was singing "jingle bells" in his bed - to the delight of his one-baby audience. hilarious! one morning as jonas had been crying for about 15-20 minutes (i am now refusing to get him up if it's before 6am and it was 5:30-5:50), we heard miles plead, "take the baby out." haha!

so anyways it has been delightful for us, for many reasons i suppose - 1. to have our bedroom baby-free (we haven't had that in a year), 2. to hear all the funny things the kiddos say and do, and 3. to have the boys start bonding and becoming more a part of each other's life.


erin said...

i can not wait to see them in less than one month! "take the baby out" is too funny.

Kristen said...

Nice Emily! Your kids are awesome. Love it. You are so good at the blogging thing. I'm pretty crappy right now with posting ...obviously. We are in Colorado right now, so I'm thinking about you! We are going back to Chicago for Christmas though. Anyway, have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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Niederfam said...

I LOVE it, i'd just put Miles on "baby watch"----so he has to be the one to take the baby out!!! :) We make Mitt collect the trash to put out on garbage night!! Is he too young???