Sunday, December 03, 2006

Our Charlie Brown Adventure

so every year (this is our 3rd) that we have lived near the Grand Mesa, we go up and hunt down a christmas tree. and evey year the tree looks more and more like a charlie brown christmas tree - we love it! as we were driving home - with our homemade sled and our tree on top of the car - we got a lot of looks, smiles, and laughs. i kept wondering why people were laughing - until we got home and i saw what they saw. it does look pretty funny. most people were probably thinking that we forgot our tree and just took a branch instead.

but we love it.

the adventure to catch the tree was quite, ummmm, an adventure. it was a cold day - probably somewhere around 15. now getting 2 kids ready usually takes a while, but getting 2 kids ready for the cold takes foorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr. seriously. but we got them all bundled up and cozy-warm.

ben built the "avalanche" sled over the thanksgiving break and man does that thing fly! we took it out while in utah and that thing just cruises. it could probably get up to 100mph or something. ben rigged up something to tow it behind him while he skied. it worked pretty well, but miles wasn't a big fan of being in it that day. i think all he wanted to do was play in the snow - but the snow was so deep that he literally would have sunk up to his eyeballs. so miles whined the entire time. but jonas did awesome and didn't scream until the last 5 mintues. ben and i had a great time on our "new" (new to us, but used) cross-country skis. awesome!

so we found a tree that we liked, skied back to the car, and unloaded the kids. then i got to stay in the car and feed the boys some lunch while ben skied back to the tree, chopped it down (we bought a permit to do this, mind you), and carried it back on our trusty "avalanche."

and, as i have already mentioned, we tied it up to our car and drove home - apparently to the delight of many others passing by us.

when we got home we realized it was really too scanty to put the lights on the branches, so we just strung the lights up the trunk. i think it looks really great! :) FHE tonite was putting up our ornaments - hopefully they won't topple over our tree.

we did apologize for miles and told him we thought he'd enjoy the day - being up in the snow. etc. then on our drive home he said, "miles DID have fun today." well he really didn't (as plainly manifested by a chronic whine the entire time), but at least he THINKS he did. :)


The Crazy Tiltons said...

Very cute!!! I think you should patent the "Avalanche" and I would like to be the first to place an order. I love Charlie Brown Christmas trees. Until we get a real house we are doing the fake tree, which I feel is sac-religious, but it works for now and is low maintenance.
Greg got some good laughs from the pictures!!

erin said...

um yeah, i think charlie brown is an accurate description! too funny. but i like it. good job!

Niederfam said...

You put us to shame....just like Christmas Vacation and one of Chevy Chase's finest holiday movies, of a family "catching" their own tree!! I love it!!!